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Rylands Glass and Engineering Co., Ltd., head
offices, glass works,box factory, and machinery works,
Stairfoot, Barnsley, Yorkshire, general providers to
the mineral water and bottling trades ; London
offices, Dyers buildings, Holborn ; agent for Scot-
land and the North of England, W. N. Moore,
Box 12, Royal Exchange, Glasgow ; telegrams,
" Rylands," Barnsley; " Rillands," London; and
" Generator," Glasgow.
RYLEY, Ward, & Bradford, Ltd., wholesale and re-
tail cycle agents and manufacturers, 30 Gordon
st, 19 Queen st., and Grand Hotel Buildings,
Charing Cross; also at Lanark, Ayr, Dunoon, and
Coventry; telephone No. 5329 ; telegrams, " Ideal."
Ryley, Ward & Bradford, Ltd., cycle manufacturers
and agents, 19 Queen street.
RYRIE, Rev. Andrew, minister, Hutchesontown Free
„ Church ; ho. 16 Ailsa drive, Langside.
St. Aloysius' College, 45 Hill street, Garnethill.
St. Aloysius' Roman Catholic Church, Hill street,
St. Alphonsus' Roman Catholic Church, 23 Great
Hamilton street.
St. Alphonsus' Roman Catholic School, 143 Green-
dyke street.
St. Andrew's Ambulance Association, 103 W. Regent
street ; Andw. Henderson, secretary ; John Aitken,
assist, secy. ; telegraphic address " Ambulance ; "
telephone No. 603.
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Low Green st.
St. Andrew's Grand Hotel Co., Ltd.; David Rattray,
C.A., secy.; registered office, 45 West Nile street.
St. Andrew's Masonic Lodge (No. 465), Masonic Hall,
121 Alexandra parade.
St. Andrew's Parish Church, St. Andrew's sq.
St. Andrew Order of Ancient Free Gardeners
Friendly Society (registered), office, 144 London
st. ; James Macmannas, grand secretary; ho. 79
Springfield road.
St. Andrew's Roman Catholic Cathedral, 46 Gt. Clyde
St. Andrew's Roman Catholic School, 47 Ropework la.
St. Andrew's Royal Arch Chapter, No. 69,
meets in Masonic Hall, 48 Sauchiehall st., second
Tuesday in each month, at 7.30 p.m. ; Jas. A.
Stewart, scribe E; res. 118 Gt. Hamilton st.
St. Anthony's Roman Catholic, Govan.
St. Bernard's Established Church, Naburn street.
St. Bride's Episcopal Church, 1 Beaconsfield rd., W.
St. Catherine's Leather Works, 76 to 82 Barrack st.,
and 23 to 27 Moir street.
ST. CLAIR Swanson & Manson, W.S., 243
W. George street and 122 George st., Edinburgh.
St. Clement's Parish Church, 63 Brook street.
St. Columba Established Church, 48 Hope street.
St. Columba Free Church, Windsor st., Govan.
St. Columba Roman Catholic School, Cameron st.
St. David's Episcopal Church, Aikenhead road.
St David's Established Church, Ingram street.
St. David's Free Church, Cromwell street.
St. David's Public School, 116 John street.
St. Denis Dye-stuff and Chemical Co. (Limd.), Paris,
aniline dye manufacturers, &c; agents, Wm. Bunten
& Co., 26a Renfield street,
St. Elizabeth's Home for district and private nursing ;
Miss White, matron, 172 Renfrew st.
St. Enoch's Established Church, St. Enoch square.
St. Enoch Fish Co., fishmongers, poulterers, game
dealers, ice and oyster merchants, 41 and 43 St.
Enoch sq.; telegraphic address, " Salmon ; " tele-
phone No. 5142 ; I. A. Kelso, proprietrix ; res.
83 South Portland street.
St. Enoch's Free Church, Overnewton.
St. Enoch Sailing Ship Co., Ltd., Prudential bdgs.,
48 West Regent st.
St. Enoch Square Branch Post Office, 24 St Enoch
St. Enoch Station Hotel, St. Enoch station ; Philip
Blades, manager.
St. Francis' Roman Catholic Church, 407 Cumber-
land st, s.s.
St George Co-operative Society (Ltd.), provision
dealers; registered office, Gladstone st. ; central
premises, St. George's road.
St. George's Cross Economic Building Society, 17
Cromwell st.; Wm. H. Jack, secy., 58 West
Regent st.
St. George's Cross Tabernacle Evangelistic Mission,
284 New City road.
St. George's Established Church, 163£ Buchanan st.
St. George's Free Church, Elderslie street.
St. George's-in-the-Fields Established Church, 493
St. George's road.
St. George's Hotel, 253 Sauchiehall st.
St George's Laundry Co., laundrymen, 31 to 37
Gladstone st., and 35 Bank st, Hillhead; house,
33 Gladstone street
St. George's Masonic Lodge, No. 333, 100 West
Regent st; John M. M'Credie, secy, 28 Teviot st
St George's Road Public School, 374 St. George's rd.
St. George's Road U.P. Church, 400 St. George's rd.
St. Goran Mines Co., Ltd ; reg. office, 16 Bothwell
st; works, Da wsholm, Mary hill ; secy., Alexander
St. Goran (The) Mines Lessees ; office, 16 Bothwell
st.; mines, Cornwall ; Alex. Patrick, secy.
St. Hubert Australian wines ; agents, D. Macdougall,
jnn., & Co., 82 West Nile street.
St. James' Episcopal Church, Mollinsburn st.
St. James' Established Church, 30 Great Hamilton st.
St. James' Free Church, 58 London street
St. James' Hall, purveyor, 217 Stirling road.
St. John's Episcopal Church, Cranstonhill, Anderston.
St John, Richd., spirit merchant, 157 Main st; ho.
7 Apsley pi.
St John's Established Church, 161 Gra;me street.
St. John's Free Church, 205 George street.
St John N.B. Steamship Office ; Jas. & Alex.
Allan, 25 Bothwell st.
St. John N.B. Steam Ship Office ; Donaldson Brothers,
165 St. Vincent st.
St. John's N.F. Steam Ship Office; Jas. & Alex.
Allan, 25 Bothwell st.
St. John's Parish School, 40 M'Farlane street.
St John's Roman Catholic Boys' School, 49 Portugal
St. John's Roman Catholic Church, 90 Portugal st
St. John's Roman Catholic Girls' School, 27 to 31
Warwick street
St. John's Wesleyan Methodist Church, 20 Sauchie-
hall street.
St Joseph's Catholic Schools, 45 North Woodside rd.
St Joseph's Roman Catholic chapel, 40 North
Woodside road.
St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Grafton street.

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