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Grieve, John, grocer and tea dealer, 53 M'Aslin
street ; ho. 26 Hopetoun pi.
Grieve, John, Sc Co., engineers and crane makers,
Grieve, John A., cabinetmaker, upholsterer, and
glass show case maker, 11 St. Peter's lane.
Grieve, John, & Co., plasterers and cement workers, 17
Stirling St., Cowcaddens
Grieve, Mart-, letterpress printer, 182 St. Vincent
St.; ho. 306 Crown street, s s.
Grieve & Miry-lees; hardware and fancy goods mer-
chants, 750 New City road; ho. 748 do.
Grieve, Robt. 95 Bath street ; house, 3 Kew terrace,
Grieve, Robert, surgeon, 14 Garscadden street; ho.
52 Holmhead street.
Grieve, Robert, jun., M.A., M.B., CM., surgeon, 14
Garscadden st. ; ho. 52 Holmhead st.
Grieve, S. B. (at James G. Deans), ho. 12 Broom-
park drive.
Grieve, Thomas, joiner and glazier, 301 St. Vincent
street; house, 201 Kent road.
Grieve, Thomas W. (at G. & J. Burns', 85 Clyde
street, Anderston), house, 13 Wendover crescent.
Grieve, W. R., silk mercer, mantle and costume
manufacturer, 226 Saucliiehall street; house,
208 Nithsdale road.
Grieve, W. Weir, writer (of Dixon, Erskine, & Grieve),
ho., 2 Belgrave terrace, Hillhead.
Grieve, William (of Forsyth, M'Kechnie, & Co.), ho.
52 Holmhead street.
Grieve, Mrs Eliz., stationer, 11 Glebe street.
Grieve, Mrs. James, ale and porter merchant, 381
Main st., Marybill.
Grieve, Mrs Thomas, 3 Kew terrace.
Greive, Mrs., ladies' nurse, nurses' home, 22 Waver-
ley gardens.
GRIFFIN, W. H., 10 Wilton crescent representing
Mander Bros., Wolverhampton, varnish, japan,
printing ink, and colour manufacturers.
GRIFFITH'S, Geo. C. (of Simpson, Hunter & Young),
ho. Eardiston, Queen Mary avenue, Crosshill.
Griffiths, P. W., bees wax refiner and taper manufac-
turer, Sandfield st., off Gairbraid st. ; res. 6
Oxford terrace.
Griffiths (The) Cycle Corporation, Ltd., cycle
agents, 93, 95 Mitchell street; also Albany
chamber.-', C baring Cross.
GRIGOR, George, tea agent, 79 Robertson street;
ho. 9 Walmer crescent.
Grigor, James J., bookkeeper, 5 Buchanan st. ;
ho. 91 Hyndland St., Partickhill.
GRIMM, John, secy., The Faraday Electrical
Engineering Co. ; ho. 29 Copeland rd., Govan.
GRIMOND, J. & A. D., Limtd., jute spinners and
carpet manufacturers, Dundee ; agent, Allan Wil-
son, 6 Robertson st.
Grimmond, William, portrait painter; studio, 271
Sauchiehall street.
Grimmond, Wm., inspector, Master of Works office ;
ho. 400 So. York st.
GRIMSHAW, Thomas, newsagent and ironmonger,
683 Springbuni rd.; ho. 685 do.
GRIMSTONE, Wm. F., family baker, 120 Woodlands
road ; ho. 128 do.
GRINDLAY, Alexander, dairyman, 25 Vernon st.,
Mary hill; ho. 16 do.
Grindlay, Henry, & Son, funeral undertakers and
carriage hirers, 118 Plantation street; ho. 120 do.
Grindlay, H. A., tobacconist, 29 Gairbraid street.
Grindlay, James, carriage hirer and funeral under-
taker, 784 Govan rd., Govan; house, Mansfield,
Grindlay, Wm., furniture removal contractor, 9 and
11 M 'Adam's lane; ho. 445 St. George's road.
GRISCHOTTI & Co., merchants and coal ex-
porters, 141 W. George st. Telegraphic address,
" Grischotti," Glasgow. Telephone No. 1059.
Grischotti, Christian (at Grischotti & Co.), ho. 15
Grosvenor terrace, Kelvinside.
Grischotti, R. O., Swedish and Norwegian Vice-
Con sul.
Grischotti, R. O. (of Grischotti & Co.), ho. 15
Grosvenor ter., Kelvinside.
GROCOTT, Arthur H., sub-manager (A. Haacke &
Co.), 146 Broomielaw.
GROHE, M., Anglo - Parisian Dresscutting, 202
Hope street; ho. 17 Barrington drive.
GROSART, W. J., cashier (D. Rowan & Son), ho.
3 Castle gardens, Gourock.
Grosart, John, carting contractor, 16 Hydepark st.
GROUCUTT, D., inspecting engineer; ho. 50 M'Cul-
loch st.
GROSVENOR, Donald, Eagle Pottery, 60 Boden
street ; house, Morven, Rutherglen.
Grosvenor, F., stoneware, Rockingham ware, water
filter, and stone bottle manufacturer, 60 Boden St.;
house, 7 Annfield pi.
GROUNDWATER, John M., The Glasgow School
of Art, 3 Rose street ; house, 6 Stanley cottages,
Groundwater, William, draper and hosier, 554
New City road; house, 12 Wilton street.
GROVE, John, grocer and wine merchant, 607 Gars-
cube road ; house, 40 Windsor terrace, St. George's
Grove, John, junr., writer and notary public (of
Cowan & Grove), ho. 40 Windsor ter.
Grove Street (Home Mission) Institute, 82 and 84
Grove st.
Grove Street Public School, 90 and 94 Grove st.
GRUBB, William, music teacher, 10 Carrington
GRUNINGER, Stoffel, & Co., St. Gall, embroiderers,
Swiss; agents, H. C. M'Ausland & Sons, 51
Buchanan street.
Grtffe Tannery Co. (James A. Muirhead, tanner),
Gryffe Tannery, Bridge-of-Weir.
Guarantee Fidelity Insurance, Palatine Insur-
ance Co., Ltd.; W. C. Scott, manager for Scot-
land, 25 St. Vincent pi. — See Adv. in App.
Guarantee Fidelity Insurance, Norwich and London
Accident Insurance Association (established 1856);
Cyril H. Dunderdale, manager for Scotland, 81
St. George's place.
Guarantee, National, and Suretyship Asso-
ciation, Limited, 150 Hope street.
Guarantee, National, and Suretyship Asso-
ciation, Limited ; agents, Mitchell, Watson &
Co., 75 St. George's place. See Advertise-
ment in Appendix.
Guarantee Society of London (the original
society), agents, Lindsay, Meldrum, & Oatts,
writers, 87 W. Regent st.
Guarantee Fidelity Assurance, London
Guarantee and Accident Co. Ltd. (Estata.
1869), 14 L Buchanan st. ; J. F. Lamont, manager
for Scotland.

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