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Glasgow School of Shorthand, Typewriting,
Civil Service, and Commercial Academy, 9 Cum-
berland street and 195 Eglinton street; city
branch, 12 Renfield street; Principal, J. G.
Hendry. — See Advt.
Glasgow Seamen's Evangelistic Mission, 10 Spring-
field ter., s.s. ; Eev. A. M. A. Graham, chaplain.
Glasgow Seamen's Friend Society, 200 Broomielaw,
and 11 Eaglesham street, Govan road. ; J. P.
Maclay, hon. secretary and treasurer.
Glasgow Share and Property Market Co., Ltd. ;
registered office, 136 Hope st.
Glasgow Sheet Metal Works, japanned trunk
makers, overland and travellers' cases, paint kegs,
oil drums and tanks, packages of every description
in sheet brass, copper, iron, and steel, 107 John st.
— See Advertisement in Appendix.
Glasgow Shipowners' Company (Ltd.), shipowners,
107 St. Vincent street.
Glasgow Shipping Co.; Aitken, Lilburn, & Co.,
managing owners, 80 Buchanan street.
Glasgow Shorthand Writers' Association, 111 Bath
st; secy., Peter Wilson. 211 Hospital street.
Glasgow (The) Sick Poor and Private Nursing
Association, 218 Bath street; secy, and treasurer,
D. S. Carson, C.A., 209 West George st.
Glasgow and Sligo Steam-Packet office; Alexander
A. Laird & Co., agents, 52 Robertson street
Glasgow (The) Social Union, hon. secretary, D. M.
Stevenson, 12 Waterloo street.
Glasgow (The) Society of Lady Artists Club, 5
Blythswood square.
Glasgow and South-Western Eailway Bonded Ware-
house, 43 Graeme street.
Glasgow and South African Co. (Limited); James
S. Morton, secretary, 54 St. Vincent street.
Glasgow & South-Western Railway, head offices, St.
Enoch Station.
Glasgow & South-Western Railway carting
department Head Office — 172 High street (tele-
phone No. 3297).
Goods Receiving Offices —
20 Dunlop street (telephone No. 602).
22 Cadogan street (telephone No. 3402).
65 Cumberland street, Calton.
Goods Stations —
College, Eglinton street, General Terminus,and Govan.
John Grierson, superintendent.
Glasgow and South-Western Railway Coy., factor's
office, 20 Dunlop street.
Glasgow (The) Steam Coasters Co., Ltd., shipowners,
60 St. Enoch sqmre.
Glasgow (The) Steam Laundry and Carpet
Beating Co., 100 Albert rd., Pollokshields ; office,
83 Renfield street. Telephone Nos. 1720 and 84.
Glasgow Steam Shipping Co., John Black & Co.,
managers, 26 Bothwell street
Glasgow Stock Exchange, 155 Buchanan st.; Horace
A. Gifford, Secretary and Treasurer.
Glasgow Storage Co. (Limited), (Class A stores),
Dundas st, s.s.; Wm. M'Callum, manager.
Glasgow Students' Settlement, 10 Possil road ; John
Lochhead, secretary.
Glasgow Syrup Refining and Sugar Grind-
ing Co., Ltd., sole makers of the celebrated
brands " Glasgow Golden," " Crown," " Tip-top,"
" Economic," &c, golden syrups, also packers
of finest grocery filtered treacle in tins, &c.
Telegrams, "Nutritious ; " telephone, 4121.
Glasgow Syrup Refining and Sugar Grind-
ing Co., Ltd., 10 to 26 Cochrane street, Parisian
wedding cake, icing, nib, and castor sugars,
fondant icings, almond paste, and marzipan,
blanched almonds, special ground almonds, nibs,
strips, shred and flake almonds, ices, ground gin-
ger, spices, &c, &c, and sole packers of '.' Gem "
granulated pure cane sugar. Telegrams, " Nutri-
tious;" telephone, 4121.
Glasgow Training Home for Nurses, 250 Renfrew
street ; Miss M'Alpin, hon. lady superintendent
Telephone No. 18.
Glasgow (The) Tiu-t Limited, 93 Hope street
Glasgow Tube Works, John Marshall & Sons, Swan-
ston st.
Glasgow (The) Typewriting Office, J. & M.
Nesbitt, 173 St. Vincent st. ; ho. Mount Blow,
Kilmalcolm; telephone No. 3786.
Glasgow United Evangplistic Association, 64 Both-
well st. ; John R. Miller and J. W. Arthur, hon.
G'asgow United Evangelistic Association Tent Hall,
Steel street; hon. treasurer, Alex. MacKeith.
Glasgow United Fleshers' Society, clerk, James Col-
qulioun, LL.D., writer, 158 St. Vincent st
Glasgow United Young Men's Christian
Association. — Christian Institute, 70 Bothwell
Glasgow United Young Men's Christian Association,
Southern Section, Eglinton toll.
Glasgow University Christian Association, 22 Bank
Glasgow Vigilance Association ; hon. secys., David
D. Dunlop. John C. Paterson, 187 W. George st.
Glasgow Wadding Co., Thos. Peacock, 24 Hutcheson
Glasgow (The) Waiters 1 Association and Hotel
Registry, Ltd, 30 Hope st. ; M. H. Horsfall,
secretary and manageress.
Glasgow Watch and Clock Co., importers of watches
and clocks, 35 Jamaica st.
Glasgow Weekly Herald Office, 65 to 69 Bucha-
nan street.
Glasgow Weekly Mail, 102 to 114 Union street
Telephone No., 1114. Registered telegraphic
address, " Mail, Glasgow."
108 Eglinton street.
12 C i eland street
140 Crown street.
53 Watt street.
158 James' street.
15 Dumbarton road.
242 New City road.
62 Sauchiehall street.
168 London street.
219Aand2iil Argyle street.
406 Gallowgate.
3 Kennedy street
7 Great Wellington st, and
35 St. Enoch sq.
Glasgow (The) and West of Scotland Aerated
Water Manufacturers' Defence Association, Ltd.,
136 Wellington St.; R. Murray Dunlop, sec.
Glasgow and West of Scotland Amateur Photogra-
phic Association ; Rooms, 180 West Regent st.-,
hon. si cy. Wm. Goodwin, 3 Lynedoch st.

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