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Bremner, James, & Co., mantle manufacturers, 24
Queen street.
Bremner, John (at A. & S. Henry & Co.'s, Limited),
house, 3 Camphill gardens.
Bremner, John, measurtr, 03 W. Regent st.
Bremner, Mat hew A. (of James Bremner & Co.),
ho. Rusko, Bearsden.
Bremner, Robt. L., M.A., B.L., writer, 11 W. Regent
st ; ho. Gleneaple, Partickhill.
Bremner, Wm., & Co., saddler, 247 North Woodside
road ; house, 22 Warwick street, s.s.
Bremner, Wm. F. (at N. B. Daily Mail), house,
162 Comelypark street.
Bremner, Wm., greengrocer, 334 Saracen street.
BRENDON, G. L., agent for J. C. & J. Field, Lmtd.,
Lambeth, London ; ho. 395 Sauchiehall street.
BRENNAN, Charles, coal merchant; depots, C.R.
Central Mineral Station, Partick; ho. 7 Claren-
don st., do.
Brennan, Cornelius, coal merchant, 38 Byars road,
Partick; ho. 31 Clarendon St., do.
Brescia (The) Mining and Metallurgical Co., Ltd.,
186 Central Chambers, 12 Waterloo st.; T. Watson
Duncan, secy.
KRESLIN, J. William (with Duncan & Morrison);
ho. 71 Smith street, Govanhill.
BRETTON, Henry, organist and teacher of music,
5 Lancside terrace, Langside.
BREWSTER, James, teller, British Linen Co. Bank,
Sandyford branch; ho. 19 Waverley gardens,
BRICKLEY, J. R., G.P.O., ho. 251 North Wood-
side road.
Bricklayers Hall. 21 Schipka Pass.
BRIUEN, Geo., & Co., chair makers, 1V2\ Water-
loo st. ; ho. 58 Douglas street.
BRIDGE, Albert E., organist Barony Church ; ho.
29 West Princes street.
Bridge & Co., fruit merchants, 18 Woodlands road;
ho. 108 do.
Bridge, James H., agent The British Plate Glass do.
(Ltd.), Ravenhead, St. Helens, Lancashire, 128
Hope street; ho. 275 Onslow drive.
Bridgegate Church (Established), 14 East Clyde
Bridgegate Free Church, Bridgegate.
Bridgeton Baptist Church, Sister street.
Bridgeton Branch Post Office, 66 New Dalmar-
nock road.
Bridgeton Church (Estab.), Dale street, Bridgeton.
Bridgeton Clipping Co., harness and lappet muslin
clippers, dress zephyrs, weft and warp figured
spots, 21 West St., Calton.
Bridgeton Clothing Co.. clothiers, 138 Canning st.
Bridgeton Copper, Tin, and Lead works, 111 Main
street, Bridgeton, Duncan Stewart.
Bridgeton Division Liberal Association, 70 Clyde st.,
Cab on ; Wm. Cochrane, secretary.
Bridgeton Free Church, John st., Bridgeton.
Bridgeton Heddle Co., manufacturers of heddles,
10 Ruby st.
Bridgeton Old Victualling and Baking Society
(Limited), victuallers, 139 to 151 Main st.
Bridgeton Police Station, 33 Old Dalmarnock road.
Bridgeton Public Halls, 136 Main street.
Bridgeton Weaving Co., Ltd., powerloom cloth manu-
facturers, 41 West street, Calton (Gavin Petti-
grew, secretary and manager).
Bridgeton Working Men's Club, 157 Canning street.
BRIELE, Oscar Vander(of Mulder & Vandev Briele),
ho. Ascania Lodge, Helensburgh.
BRIEN, John, slater and plasterer, 19 St. Joseph's
BRIER, Henry, engineer, 24 Howard st. ; ho. 13
Ail?a drive.
BR1GGS, Arthur, agent, Royal Bank of Scotland,
357 Springburn road.
Briggs, Francis, &Co , teak importers, timber brokers,
and shipowners, 7 Royal Bank place. Telephone
No. 989 ; telegraphic address, " Siaro."
Briggs, Francis (of Francis Briggs & Co.) house, 4
Chester street, Edinburgh.
Briggs, Herbert, Royal Bank of Scotland; ho. 15
Wilton drive.
Briggs, James W., violin maker, 122 Sauchiehall st. ;
ho. 20 Rupert st.
Briggs, Ralph, licensed broker, 532 Dobbie's loan.
Briggs, Thomas, waterproofer, oilcloth manufacturer,
twine, cotton, flax, and jute spinner, waggon cover,
hoop-iron and pack-sheet merchant, 187 George
street. Telegraphic address, " Briggs."
BRIGIIAM, A. D., res. engineer, Kelvinside
Electricity Works, Hughenden road.
BRIGHT, John, & Brothers, manufacturers, Man-
chester; Peter Dawson, agent, 207 Ingram st.
Bright, John, & Brothers (Ltd.), plush and carpet
manufacturers, Rochdale; agent, John Henderson,
16 Prince's square.
Brighton, Hove, and Sussex Auxiliary Supply
Association, Limited, 56 Hope st., and at 84
Western road, Brighton.
Brilliant (The) Sign Co., Ltd., sign writers; sole
agents, Forrest & Son, 355 Argy'e st.
BRIMS, Alexander (at J. & lT Baird's), ho. 607
New City road.
Brims, David, joiner, 140 West Regent lane ; ho,
67 North Woodside road.
BRINKLEY, Robert (of R. Brinkley & Son); ho.
1 Westbank place.
Brinkley, R., & Son, photo, artists and portrait
painters, 141 Sauchiehall st.
BRISBANE, A. S , children's inspector Govan Com-
bination. 7 Carlton pi.; ho. 118 Calder st.
Brisbane, John, grocer and provision merchant, 299
Baltic street.
Brisbane, Mra P., dairy, 395 Great Western road ;
ho. 397 do.
Brisbane, Mrs Samuel, dairy, 63 Kelvinside avenue.
Brisbane (Queensland) Shipping office; Thos. Law
& Co., 123 Hope street.
Bristol, Cardiff, Swansea, and Newport Steam
Packet Office ; Wm. Sloan & Co., 8 Gordon street.
Britannia Lodge, I.O.G.T., 5 Scott St., Garnethill.
" Britannia," the monthly magazine of the National
Unity Movement, Whitetield, Govan.
Britannia Music Hall, 115 Trongate.
British (The) and African Steam Navigation
Co. (Limited), registered office, 175 West George
street ; Charles Gibson, secretary.
British (The) Alizarine Co. (Limited), manufacturers
of alizarine; agents, Henderson, Hogg & Co., 15
Cadogan street.
British (The) Alaminium Co., Ltd., London ; agents
for Scotland, Alex. Brown & Co., 233 St. Vincent
st. ; telephone No. 3064.
British Anti-fouling Composition and Paint Co.
(Von Hoveling's process), agents, Mungo Gray &
Co., 93 Hope street.

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