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G h Montrose Street, from Ingram st. to Grafton pi.
Do., west side, f. Ingram st. to Stirling rd. 7.
Do., east side, f. Ingram st. to Stirling rd. 5.
Do., from Stirling road northwards. 6.
Fh Hoodie's Court, 31 Argyle street. 7.
F g Moore PL, 133 to 165 & 134 to 160 West George
street. 7.
H h Moore Street, from Gallowgate to Duke st. 3.
Ef Moray Place, 55 to 71 West Cumberland st. 9.
E k Moray Place, Regent park, Strathbungo. 14.
C I Moray Place, off Regent street, Rutberglen.
Ij Mordaunt St., Dalmarnock rd. to Baltic st. 1.
Fk Morgan Street, off Robson street. 11.
G g Morrin Square, off Rottenrow. 5.
/ e Morrin Street, off Millarbank street. 6.
\E i Morris Place, Monteitb row. 4.
\Kh Morrison's Court, 108 Argyle street. 7.
F h Morrison's Place, off West st., Tradeston. 13.
E i Morrison Place, off Porter street, Camlaehie. 2.
L h Morrison Street, from West st. to Paisley rd. 18.
Eg Morrison Street, Govan. 20.
B c Morrison Street, off Kelvin st, Maryhill. 17.
E d Mosesfield Ter., Balgraybill, Springburn. 3.
D I Moss Road, off Pollokshaws road. 21.
Eg Moss St., f. Circus dr. to Alexandra parade. 3.
F e Moss Street, off Keppoclihill road. 6.
Mossbank Parade, Millerston. 3.
Moss Side Road, off Pollokshaws road.
D I Moss view, Crossmyloof. 16.
E e Mount Street, off North Woodside road. 9.
/ i Mountblue Street, Camlaehie. 2.
F I Mount Florida. 16.
if Mount Pleasant, off Garngad road. 3.
E d Muir Street, off Reid street, Springburn. 3.
E i Muirhead Place, 182 to 226 St. James' street,
Kinning park. 14.
Fi Muirhead St., f. Adelphi st. to Govan st. 12,
Bf Muirhead Street, from Anderson st. to Douglas
street, Partick. 15.
Ej Muirhouse Lane, off Lilybank road. 13.
Fj Muirhouse Place, 360 Pollokshaws road. 13.
F j Muirhouses, Pollokshaws road. 13.
Bf Muirparb Gardens, White st. and Gardner St.,
Partick. 15.
f Muirpark St., off Gardner St., Partick. 15.
e Murano Street, Firhill.
d Murdoch St., off Balgray Hill, Springburn. 3.
h Murray Place, Glasgow road, Rutherglen.
g Murray Street, off Parliamentary road. 6.
G d Murray Street, off Oran st., Maryhill. 17.
B h Murrow Park, Copeland road, Govan. 20.
B h Murrow Place, Govan. 20.
F g Muse Lane, f. Garscube lane to Stewart st. 8.
G h Muse Lane, off Pettigrew street. 5.
H i Muslin Street, f. Main street, Bridgeton, to New
Dalmarnock road. 1.
Fh Myrtle Pk. & Villas, off Cathcart rd., Crossh. 16.
F k Myrtle Park Terrace, Albert road, E. 16.
Ef Myrtle Street, off St. George's road.
Even numbers, 2 to 12, 8; rest of street, 9.
G I Naburn St., Cumberland st. & Caledonia rd. 11.
E e Nansen St., f. Garscube road to Kerr street. 9.
D g Napier PL, Minerva st., cor. of Dumbart. rd. 10.
Bh Napier Street, Govan. 20.
Ef Napiershall Street, from Great Western road to
Henderson street. 9.
E g Nassau Court, 51 Main street, Anderston. 10.
Fh National Bank Buildings, Queen street. 7.
E g Necropolis, east of Cathedral square. 3.
K i Necropolis (Eastern), Gt. Eastern road. 2.
Gj Necropolis (Southern'), Caledonia road. 11.
K h Neilson Terrace, Parkhead. 2.
G h Nelson St., from Trongate to Bell st. 5.
Fi Nelson St., Tradeston, f. Bridge st. to West st. 13.
Th Nelson St., E., from Gallowg. to E. Miller st. 2.
D/ Nelson Ter., Wilson st. to Glasgow st., Hillh. 15.
C m Netherauld Road, Pollokshaws.
E m Netherby Place, New Cathcart. 16.
D j Newark Drive, Pollokshields. 14.
Kh New Road, Parkhead. 2.
Eh New St., Calton, from East Russell st. to Calton
cross. 4.
C I New Street, Pollokshaws. 21.
1 1 New Street, Rutherglen.
G h New Wynd, f. 119 Trongate to Osborne st. 7.
F f N. City Rd., f. Cowcaddens st. to Gairbraid st.,
2 to 220, and all above 868, 8 ; 1 to 47, 7 ;
all the other Nos., 9.
I j New Dalmarnock Road, Bridgeton. 1.
K h New Farme PL, off Farmeloan rd., Rutherglen.
F e New Keppoclihill Road, from Craighall road to
Springburn road. 6.
D h Newfield Lane, off South Kinning place. 14.
Ej Newhall St., east end of Main st., Bridgeton. 1.
E j Newhall Terrace, Greenhead. 1.
D m Newlands Rd., f. Kilmarnock rd. to Cathcart. 16.
E g Newton Place, Sauchiehall street. 9.
Bf Newton PL, 231-257 Dumbart. rd., Partick. 15.
Cf Newton Street, Partick. 15.
t, g Newton St., f. Sauchiehall st. to Bath street. 9.
Eg Newton Terrace, Sauchiehall st., f. Granville
street to Elderslie street. 9.
G h Nicholas St., f. High st. to Shuttle st. 5.
F h Nicholson St., f. Carlton pi. to Norfolk st. 12.
D g Nightingale Place, 4 to 30 Kelvinhaugh st. 10.
L i Nisbet Street, Westmuir, Parkhead. 2.
E k Nithsdale Street, Strathbungo. 13.
D k Nithsdale Gardens, Minard rd., Crossmyloof 16.
C i Nithsdale Place, Paisley road. 19.
Ej Nithsdale Place, Leven street, Pollokshields. 13.
Dj Nithsdale Road, from Darnley St., Pollokshields,
to Dumbreck road.
D / Do. north side, from Strathbungo to Shields
road. 13.
D j Do. south side, from Strathbungo to Shields
road. 14.
Nithsdale Road, remainder of both sides, west to
Paisley Canal Railway, 14; both sides west
of Paisley Canal Railway to Dumbreck
road. 19.
F i Norfolk Street, Laurieston, f. Bridge street to
Main St., Gorbals. 12.
F i Norfolk Lane, f. Norfolk st. to Bedford st. 12.
Fi Norfolk Court, off Norfolk street. 12.
Ff Normal Place, 43 to 83 Garscube road. 8.
F e Norman Lane, off New Keppochhill road. 6.
I j Norman Street, off Adelphi st., Bridgeton. 1.
Cj North Albert Drive, off Albert drive, Pollok-
shields, W. 14.
G h North Albion Court, 41 North Albion street. 5.
G h North Albion St., f. George st. to Ingram st. 5.
North Avenue, Govan.
E e North Bedlay Street, off Mollinsburn st. 3.
F g North British Railway Station, Dundas street
and George square. 7.
Ff Northburu Street, off Crossbum street. 8.

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