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C c Kingstone Place, off Main street, Maryhill. 17.
E i Kingston Ter., West st. and St. James' st 13.
I j Kinnear Road, Bridge-ton. 1.
F g Kinnel PI., Renfrew court, off Renfrew st. 7.
D i Kinning Park. 14.
E i Kinning St., f. Gloucester st. to Scotland st. 13.
C e Kinnoull Place, Dowanhill. 15.
Kirk Lane, Pollokshaws. 21.
E h Kirk St., from Main st. to Green st., Calton. 4.
F i Kirkfield Place, Oxford street. 12.
E e Kirkland Street, off New City road. 9.
C d Kirklee Gardens, Hillfaead. 15.
<C e Kirklee Road, off Great Western road. 15.
/ * Kirkpatrick Street, London rd. to Avenue st. 2.
/ I Kirkwood Street, off Main street, Rutherglen.
Kirkwood Street, Bellahouston. 19.
Eg Kirkwood's Court, 125 Main St., Anderston. 10.
D i Knightswood Place, Paisley Road, west. 19.
Bf Know St., f. Well st. to Bridge St.. Partick. 15.
F k Knowe Terrace, Cathcart road, Crosshill. 16.
Knowe Terrace, Cathcart.
Dj Knowe Terrace, Shields rd., Pollokshields. 13.
G Kyle Street, off Dobbie's loan. 6.
F I La Belle Place, Mount Florida. 16.
D g La Belle PL, fr. Clifton st. to Claremont st. 9.
D e Lacrosse Ter., off Belmont st., Hillhead. 15.
B h Ladypark Street, Govan. 20.
H h Lady well Street, from Parkhouse lane to Dry-
gate, 5 ; from Drygate northwards, 3.
F c Lambhill Crescent, Lambhill. 17.
D i Lambhill Street, Plantation, off Paisley rd. 19.
G f Lanark Street, off Dobbie's Loan. 6.
G h Lanark Street, off Greendyke street. 5.
Lancashire Insurance Bdgs., Eenfield street and
West George stieet
B e Lancaster Terrace, Kelvinside. 15.
E h Lancefield Place, west end of Anderston qn. 10.
D h Lancefield Quay, foot of Elliot street. 10.
I) h LancefieldSt.jf'.LancefieldquaytoCranstonst.lO.
E j Lancelot Place, corner of Prince's street and
Kenmure street, Pollokshields. 13.
E I Landore Terrace, Mount Florida. 16.
H i Landressy Street, Canning st. to Green st. 4.
A h Langlands road, Govan. 20.
A h Langlands Terrace and Cottages, Govan. 20.
El Langside Avenue, Monument to Crossmyloof. 16.
F j Langside Road, from north of Butterbiggins road
southward to Millbrae road. North side of
Cathcart railway, 12 ; south of railway, 16.
D m Langside Rd., Newlands, f. River Cart southw.
D I Langside Terrace, James Gray st. 16.
Lansdowne Avenue, Scotstounhill.
D j Lansdowne Cres., G. West, rd., nr. Kelvin br. 9.
D f Lansdowne Gardens, Montague street. 9.
D I Lansdowne Place, Shawlands.
D e Lansdowne Terrace, North Woodside road. 9.
F j Larkfield St., f. Cathcart rd. to Inglefield st. 12.
D /' Laurel Bank, Wilson street, Hillhead. 15.
A e Laurel Bank, off Crow road, Partick. 15.
C I Laurel Bauk PI., Shawhill rd., Shawlands. 21.
A f Laurel Street, Partick. 15.
F h Laurieston, south side of the river, between
Gorbals church, Carlton pi, and Bridge st. 12.
D h Laurieston Place, 1 Govan road. 14.
B f Lawrence PL, off Hyndland St., Partick. 15.
€ f Lawrence Street, Partick. 15.
G h Law's Buildings, 118 Bridgegate. 7.
II e Leckithill Street, off Springburn road. 3.
E I Ledard Road, f. Sinclair drive to Millbrae road,
Langside. 16.
G h Leitch's Court, 157 Trongate. 7.
C i Lendel Place, Paisley road. 19.
C i Lendel Terrace, Paisley road. 19.
f Lennox Place, Scotstoun, Whiteinch.
F e Lennox Street, off Saracen st. 17.
D j Leslie Road, off Shields rd., Pollokshields. 14.
Ej Le4ie St., off Shields rd., Pollokshields. 13.
D I Lethington Avenue, f. Albert road to Seytoa
avenue, Langside. 16.
Dj Leven St., off Shields rd., Pollokshields. 13.
Dj Lily Place, Shields road. 14.
/ j Lily Street, off Springfield road. 1.
Cf Lilybank, Hillhead street, Hillhead. 15.
C e Lilybank Buildings, Byars road, Hillhead. 15.
C f Lilybank Gardens, Great George street. 15.
C e Lilybank Place, Great George street. 15.
E./ Lilybank Place, Thistle street, Garnethill 9-,
Lilybank Place, Pollokshaws. 21.
Ej Lilybank Road, east of Eglinton street. 12.
Do. west of do. 13.
Ej Lilybank Street, off Eglinton street. 13.
E f Lilybank Terrace, West Graham street. 9.
C e Lilybank Ter., Ker.-dand street, Hillhead. 15..
C c Lilybank Ter. Lane, off Gt, George street. 15.
G j Lime St., fr. South York st. to Gilmour st. 11.
f Lime St., off Dumbarton rd , Whiteinch.
B g Lincoln PI., 232-276 Dumbart. rd., Partick. 15,
E g Lind PL, cor. of Dalhousie and Buccleuch sts. 7,
D f Linda Place, corner of So. Woodside and Park
roads. 9.
Dj Linden Terrace, 7 Princes st., Pollokshields. 13,
F h Lindsay Buildings, Old Cathcart. 16.
C f Lindsay Ter., Lawrence and Dowanhill sts. 15.
F & Linnhall Ter., Cathcart ter., Govanhill. 11.
F k Linnvale Ter., Allison & Calder st. Govanhill. 12,
g Linthouse Buildings, Govan. 20.
D e Linwood Terrace, Glasgow st., Hillhead. 15.
H i Little Street. Calton, off Clyde street. 4.
G h Little Dovehill, Gallowgate to Grteme st. 5.
G i Little Govan, Rutherglen road. 11.
G g Little Hamilton St., f. John st. to Frederick st. 7.
E h Liverpool Court, 249 Argyle street. 7.
f Livingstone Cottages, Whiteinch. 15.
B/ Livingstone Place, Dumbarton rd., Partick. 15,
Livingstone Place, Govan. 20.
G e Livingston Street, off Keppochhill road. 6„
C i Livingston Terrace, Paisley road. 19.
K k Lizzieville Place, Rutherglen.
Kk Lloyd Street, off Farmeloan road, Rutherglen.
D c Lochburn Rd., Maryhill. 17.
Lochtauld Row, off Po^sil road, Maryhill.
/ h Lochiel Street, off Cubie street. 2.
Ej Lochinvar Terrace, Pollokshields. 1 3.
F k Lochinvar Ter., Allison and Annette streets,
Govanhill. 12.
f Lochryan Place, Whiteinch. 15.
G g Lockhart Place, Parliamentary road and corneT
of Dobbie's loan. 6.
Eg Locksley Place, 120-140 North street. 9.
G j Logan Street, off Rutherglen road. 1 1.
A g Logie Street, Govan. 20.
F d Lomond Stieet, from Hawthorn street to Gart-
more street, Possil. 17.
G h London Arcade, f. London st. to Gallowgate. 5.
G h London Lane, 48 London street. 5.
/ t London Rd., Bridgeton. North side, 2 ; S.S. 1.

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