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Ih Finlay Dr., f. Whitehall st. to Meadowpark st. 3.
F g Findlay St., Cowcaddens st. to W. Russell st. 7.
E Finlayson P 1., Montgomerie st., Kelvinside. 17.
D g Finnieston, west end of Stobcrossst , Anderst. 10.
D g Finnieston Lane, off Finnieston street. 10.
D g Finnieston Quay, foot of Finnieston street. 10.
E g Finnieston St., fr. Dumbarton rd. to Clyde. 10.
E e Firhill Road, off Garscube rd., south of Canal. 8.
E e Firhill Street, fr. Garscube rd. to Firhill rd. 8.
Eg Firpark St., f. Ark la. to Alexandra parade. 3.
Firpark Street, Shettleston.
Eg Firpark Terrace, Ark lane. 3.
G h Fish Market, 36 East Clyde street. 7.
Eh Fisher Street, off Dunchattan street. 3.
E g Fitzroy Lane, off Claremont street. 9.
D g Fitzroy Place, Sauchiehall street, west end. 9.
Ff Fleming Street, off Garscube road. 8.
K h Fleming Street, off Duke street. 2.
A g Fleming Street, Govan. 20.
E e Flemington Street, off Springburn rd. 3.
B j Fleurs Avenue, Dumbreck. 19.
Ef Florence Place, Stanley st., Woodlands road. 9.
Fi Florence St., Cumberl'd st. to Kidston st. 11.
Cj Florentine Bank, Hillhead street, Hillhead. 15
D f Florentine Bank Terrace, Ann st. Hillhead. 15
D f Florentine Place, Gibson street, Hillhead. 15.
D f Florentine Terrace, Ann street, Hillhead. 15.
F i Fonthill Place, corner of Camden street. 11.
C d Ford Road, off Bellshaugh rd., Kelvinside. 15.
Ii Fordneuk St., f. London rd. to Crownpointrd. 2.
Bf Foremount Ter., off Hyndland St., Partick. 15.
E f Forge Street, off Garngad road. 3.
/ e Forrest St., off St. Marnock st. 2.
Ff Forth Street, f. Pt. Dundas rd. to Bank st. 6.
Ej Forth Street, off Maxwell st., Pollokshields. 13.
G e Foundry Lane, Keppochhill road. 6.
/ h Foundry Open, east end of Gallowgate. 2.
G e Foundry Place, off Keppochhill road. 6.
E h Fountain St., off Barrack and Sydney streets. 3.
Ef Fountainwell Rd., off Springburn road. 6.
F h Fox Street, from Dixon st. to Maxwell st. 7.
Ej Francis St., fr. Victoria st. to Crawford st. 13.
Francis Street, Shettleston.
i" j Franklin St., Bridgeton, f. Main st. to Reid st. 1.
Eg Franklin Ter., f. Sandyford to Overnewton. 10.
/ i Fraser Street, off London road. 2.
G e Fraserbank St., off New Keppochhill road. 6.
Ej Frazer's Court, 9 Reid street, Bridgeton. 1.
G g Frederick Lane, Frederick st. to Hanover st. 7.
G g Frederick St.,f. Ingram st. to Cathedral st. 7.
Do., from Cathedral st. to Parliament, rd. 6.
Ej French Street, foot of Main st., Bridgeton. 1.
A c Fulton Street, off Crow road.
E I Fyfe Place, 160 Kilmarnock rd., Shawlanda. 21.
C c Gairbraid Avenue, Mary hill. 17.
E d Gairbraid Street, Maryhill road. 17.
D d Gairbraid Terrace, Maryhill road. 17.
E g Galbraith Street, west end of Stobcross st. 10.
G g Galloway Court, 10 George street. 5.
G h Galloway Court, 37 Glassford street. 7.
K I Gallowflat Cottages, Rutherglen.
Kl Gallowflat Place, Wardlawhill street and
Hamilton road, Rutherglen.
G h Gallowgate, from the Cross to Camlachie bridge.
North side of do. to Barrack street. 5.
South side of do. from Saltmarket to S. St.
Mungo street. 5.
G h Gallowgate, North side fr. Barrack st. to White-
vale st. 3.
From Whitevale to Camlachie bridge. 2.
South side from South St. Mungo street to
Henrietta st. 4.
From Henrietta st. to Camlachie bridge. 2.
Ef Garden Place, 24 to 28 Napiershall street. 9.
E g Garden PL, cor. of West Regent st. and Pitt st. 7.
G g Garden Street, fr. Weaver st. to Taylor st. 5.
F k Garden Terrace, Cathcart road, GovanhiU. 11.
Ef Gardner St., f. N. Woodside to N. City road. 8.
Bf Gardner St., off Dumbarton rd., Partick. 15.
/ h Garfield Terrace, Roslea drive. 3.
F I Garnet Terrace, Mount Florida. 16.
Ef Garnetdale, 43 to 59 Shamrock street. 9.
E f Garnethill, north side of Sauchiehall street. 9.
Ef Garnethill St., from Hill st. to Shamrock st. 9.
E f Garngad Avenue, off Garcgad Hill. 3.
Ef Garngad Hill, off Castle street, Garngad rd. 3.
E f Garngad Road, off Castle street. 3.
Ff Gamkirk Street, off East Milton street. 6.
C e Garrioch Gardens, Garrioch road. 17.
E e Garrioch Mill Road, off North Woodside rd. 9.
C e Garrioch Road, from Kelvin drive to Gairbraid
street. 17.
F g GarscaddenSt.,f. Cowcaddens toP.Dundasrd. 8.
F g Garscadden St.,f. Port Dundas rd. to Bishop st. 6.
F g Garscube La., P. Dundas rd. to Maitland st. 8.
Ff Garscube Road, f. Cowcaddens to Parliamentary
boundary. Nos. 433 to 923, 9; all other Nos., 8.
Ih Garthland Drive, from Armadale street to
Meadowpark street. 3
G h Garthland Street, off Glassford street. 7.
A d Gartnavel Cottages, off Claythorn rd., Kelvin-
side. 15.
Gartocher Place, Shettleston.
Gartocher Road, Shettleston.
Gartocher Terrace, Shettleston.
F h Garturk Street, off Allison st., GovanhiU. 12.
/ i Garvald Street, off Baltic street. 1.
K h Gateside Street, off Duke street. 2.
E j Gayfield Street, off Scotia street. 9.
F g George La. (E.) f. St. Vin. la. to Buchanan st. 7.
F g George Sq., west end Geo. st. and Cochrane st. 7.
G g George Street, from Duke st. to George square.
Do. from Duke street to Montrose street. 5.
Do. from Montrose street to George sq. 7.
E i George Street, Mile-end, off Fordneuk st. 2.
George Street, Shettleston.
George Street, Whiteinch.
L I George Gray Street, Eastfield. Rutherglen.
George's Drive, Govan. 20.
F g Germiston St., off the top of Buchanan st. 6.
E h Gibson St., from Gallowgate to Moncur st. 4.
Df Gibson St., Hillhead, from Kelvin bridge to Hill-
head street. 15.
F h Gilbert Place, Carfin street, GovanhiU. 12
C g Gilbert Street, off Park st., Kelvinhaugh. 10.
E h Gillie's Court, 202 Broomielaw. 7.
Cf Gilmore Street, off Church street, Partick. 15
Ej Gilmorehill, Hillhead. 9.
Gj Gilmour Street, Ruthergien road to Caledonia
road. 11.
C i Gilmour Street, Paisley road, Ibrox. 19.
E d Gladstone Place, Balgrayhill. 3.
C g Gladstone Place, 39 to 55 Kelvinhaugh st. 10.
Gladstone Place, Shettleston.
Ef Gladstone St., f. St. George's rd. to Gardner st. 8.
A g Gladstone Terrace, Govan road, Govan. 20.

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