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E f Earlston Avenue, from Garngad road to Garngad
Hill. 3.
F h East Clyde St., f. Stockwell st. to Market st. 7.
Do. f. Market st. to Saltmarket. 5.
I h East Crawford Street, off Duke street. 2.
K I East Croft Lane, off Hamilton road, Rutherglen.
K i East Hope Street, Camlachie. 2.
F h East Howard St., f. Maxwell st. to Stockwell. 7
III East John St., f. Gallowgate to Bluevale st. 2.
/ h East Lyon St., f. Whitevale st. to E. Nelson st. 2.
Eh East Market St. f. Millroad st. to Gallowgate. 4.
/ h East Miller Street, off Duke street. 2.
G h East Nile Street, f. Gallowgate to Grajme st. 5.
D I East Park Buildings, Sliawlands. 21.
D I East Park Place, Shawlands. 21.
if A East Rose St., f. Abercromby st to Marlborough
street. 4.
Do. f. Marlborough st. to Greenvale st. 2.
L i East Wellington st., off New road, Parkhead. 2.
Gf East Wharf, Port Dundas. 6.
E h East Wood Lane, off Gallowgate. 4.
D i Eastburn Place, Stevenson dr., Shawlands. 21.
Easterhill Street, Tollcross.
K i Eastern Necropolis, Great Eastern road. 2.
E d Eastfield Street and Terrace, off Springburn
Road. 6.
K I Eastfield View, Rutherglen.
Eastmuir Street, Shettleston.
D i Easton Terrace, south side of Paisley road. 19.
D d Eastpark, Maryhill road. 17.
C g Eastvale Place, foot of Kelvinhaugh st. 10.
D I Eastwood Avenue, off Kilmarnock road. 21.
B f Edelweiss Terrace. 15.
Eden Place, Shettleston.
Ed Edgefauld Terrace, off Balgray, Springburn. 3.
/ I Edmond Place, corner of Brook street and Lon-
don road. 2.
E h Edmund Street, off Ark lane. 3.
C g Edward St., off Lumsden st., Overnewton. 10.
F i Edwin Place, head of Surrey street. 12.
B d Eglinton Drive, Kelvinside. 15.
B d Eglinton Gardens, Eglinton drive. 15.
F i Eglinton Lane, off Eglinton street. 12.
Fi Eglinton Place, off Eglinton street. 12.
Eglinton Place, Shettleston.
Fi Eglinton St.,om Bridge st. to Pollokshaws rd.
East side, 12. West side, 13.
E Tc Eglinton Terrace, Victoria rd.., Govanhill. 13.
Ej Eiffel Terrace, Bridgeton. 1.
F I Eildon Villas, Mount Florida. 16.
Ki Elba Lane, Parkhead. 2.
E h Elcho Place, Pollokshaws rd., Strathbungo. 13.
Eh Elcho St., from Millroad st. to Gallowgate. 4.
A g Elder Street, Govan. 20.
A g Elder (The) Park, Govan. 20.
A g Elder Park Street, Govan. 20.
A g Elder Park Ter., Langland9 road, Govan. 20.
D g Elderslie St., from Main st. to St. Vine. st. 10.
Do. fr. St. Vincent st. to Sauchiehall st. 9.
B f Eldon Drive, off Hyndland street. 15.
Bf Eldon Street, Partickhill. 15.
Df Eldon Street, South Woodside. 9.
Bf Eldon Ter., off Hyndland street, Partick. 15.
F I Eldon Terrace, Mount Florida. 16.
E 1c Elgin PI., Sauchiehall st. to corner of Pitt st. 9.
E g Elgin Place, Pollokshaws rd., Strathbungo. 14.
/ h Elgin Street, off Rochester street. 2.
Fj Elgin St., f. Pollokshaws rd. to Eglinton st. 12.
Bf Elgin Terrace, Havelock and Hyndland sts. 15.
D I Elgin Villas, Shawlands. 21.
Elizabeth Drive, Halfway House, Govan.
C i Elizabeth Street, Paisley road, Ibrox. 19.
Ih Ellangowan Terrace, Finlay drive. 3.
Fi Ellesmere Place, Hutcheson square. 11.
D h Elliot Street and Place, from Lancetield quay
to Dumbarton road. 10.
Ce Elliot. Street, off Byars road, Hillhead. 15.
Gj Elm Street, from Rutherglen rd. to Pine st. 11.
/ Elm Street, Whiteinch. 15.
Eg Elmbank Ores., f. Elmbank pi. to North st. 9,
E g Elmbank Lane, back of Elmbank place. 9.
E g Elmbank PL, 1 to 35 and 2 to 30 Elmbank st. 9.
Eg Elmbank Street, from Sauchiehall street to St.
Vincent street 9.
Gj Elmfoot St. off Wolseley st. Rutherglen rd. 11.
Eg Elmgrove PL, Jane st. and Holland street. 9
E d Elmvale Row, Springburn. 6.
G d Elmvale St., off Springburn rd., Springburn. &,
A d Elmwood Drive, off Crow road. 15.
A d Elmwood Ter., Crow rd., Partick. 15.
F g Elphinston Place, 78-92 Cambridge street. 7.
F i Elphinstone Place, Gorbals cross. 12.
C h Elphinston Street, Govan. 20.
Elvan Terrace, Govan. 19.
Eh Emily Place, off Sword street, Gallowgate. 3.
B f Endsleigh Gardens, Partickhill road. 15.
F h Engine Row, off Cathcart road. 11.
E g English Buildings, Garngad Hill. 3.
G i Errol St., off Shamrock st. , Hutchesontown. 11.
Bj Erskine Avenue, Dumbreck. 19.
F k Eskdale Street, f. Albert rd. E. to Dixon rd. 16.
F h Eskdale Terrace, Dixon road. 16.
Ej Ethel Place, Darnley street, Pollokshields. 13.
F I Ethel Terrace, Mount Florida. 16.
Df Eton Gardens, Wilson street, Hillhead. 15.
Df Eton Place, Wilson street, Hillhead. 15.
Df Eton Ter., Wilson st. to Gt. George st, Hillh'd. 15.
C e Ettrick Ter., Montgomerie st., Kelvinside. 17.
E g Evelyn Street, off Dunchattan street. 3.
E h Ewing Place, York st. and 357 Argyle st. 7.
K i Ewing Place, Great Eastern road. 2.
F h Exchange Court, 85 Queen street. 7.
Ej Factory Court, 122 Main street, Bridgeton. 1.
I j Factory Lane, off Main st. , Rutherglen.
C m Factory Street, Pollokshaws. 21.
A g Fairfield Street, Govan. 20.
A d Fairliepark Drive, off Crow rd., Partick. 15.
B h Fairley Street, off Whitefield Road, Govan. 20.
/ h Fairley Street, east end of Duke street. 3.
F i Falfield Street, Port-Eglinton. 13.
Eg Falkland Place, comer of Renfrew street, St.
George's road. 9.
I I Farie Street, off Mill street, Rutherglen.
B i Farm rd., f. Rowan road to Beech avenue. 1&.
/ I Farmeloan Rd. east end of Main st. Rutherglen.
Gj Fauldhouse Street, off Rutherglen road. 11.
G h Faulkener Place, Little Dovehill. 5.
F g Ferguson St., Cowcaddens st. to Cambridge st. 7.
D d Fernie Place and Terrace, Gairbraid st. 17.
D d Fernie Street, Maryhill. 17.
D I Ferry Rd., Plantation, f. Govan rd. to Finnieston
ferry. 19.
Bg Ferry Road, Yorkhill, Partick. 10.
/ i Fielden St., fr. Crownpoint st. to London rd. 2,
Fg Fife PL, f. 90-114 and 91-129 W. George st. 7.
C g Findhorn Place, Old Dumbarton road. 10.

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