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The above commissions will be charged on all claims beyond six in number, as above
explained, whether settled with the Society, or with the Members after application for
payment by the Society.
Members, or Trustees on Bankrupt Estates, having numerous claims or debts of large
amount for collection, may enter into special contracts with the Society.
To cover outlay, four postage stamps must be sent with each claim.
In the absence of special instructions, the Society's ordinary course of procedure is to
make application requiring payment of the debt, within four days ; if not settled, to make a
second application, and allow other four days ; on the expiry of that period, the result of the
application is intimated to the Member, and no further proceedings will be adopted without
instructions. Members may, however, give any directions they please with regard to the
time to be allowed, or they may order legal proceedings to be at once adopted without intima-
tion to the debtor. It is a condition that the Society undertakes no responsibility in regard to
the recovery of debts, beyond being liable for the amount paid to them by the debtor.
A 11 sums recovered are paid over on the first Wednesday after receipt, on being applied
for; or on any following Wednesday. If not applied for, Cheques will be sent.
It the claim is not arranged on the application of the Society, proceedings may be adopted
in the Small Debt Courts on instructions being received from the Member to that effect, when
the claim will be transferred to agents with whom the Society have entered into arrangements
to take charge of and prosecute to their final issue all claims under £12.
To meet outlay, a deposit of 4s. 6d. is required to be made when instructions are given to
Charges in Prosecuted Cases. — Claims in the County of Edinburgh not exceeding £5 in
amount, -jyz per cent, on the amount recovered. Above £5 and not exceeding .£12, 5 per
cent, on the amount recovered. Claims out of Edinburgh, yyi per cent, on the amount re-
covered ; if not recovered, 5 per cent, on the amount sued for, but in no case to be less than
SS. These charges in all cases are exclusive of outlay.
The Agents, not the Society, are directly responsible to Members employing them to pro-
secute Claims, but, for the convenience of Members, the sums recovered will be paid through
the Society.
When the Agents are instructed to adopt proceedings for the recovery of debt, the Member
employing them becomes their private client.
The Society's Commission is 2 % pei" cent, on the amount recovered, but no Commission
to exceed £1, is.
The Society has Law Agents in all the principal towns in Scotland, who will transact any
business intrusted to them.
Certificates, price 2s. 6d. each, which enable Commercial Travellers to call upon the
Society's Agents throughout the country, are granted on application to the Manager. These
have been found exceedingly useful by many Members of the Society.
The Annual Subscription to the Society, including the Weekly Lists, is . . . . ,£1 11 6
Do. do. do. Monthly Lists, . . . . 16^
Do. do. do. Confidential Circular, . . 1 1 o
When Weekly Lists are posted 2s. 2d. extra is charged. The Subscriptions run from the
first days of January, April, July, and October — each Member's Subscription being payable
as from the Quarter-day immediately preceding that on which he was enrolled.
Copies of the Rules, &c, may be procured on application to the Secretary, or any of the
Local Agents.
Many important Books of Reference can be seen at the Office.
The'Society being incorporated under the Companies' Acts 1862 and 1S67 the liability of
each Member is limited to £1, is.

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