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composed of Bankers, Merchants, and Traders, associated for the purposes of
affording mutual protection, and preventing loss in business transactions, by-
obtaining reliable information as to the circumstances of parties who may propose
to deal with them, by exposing fraudulent dealers, by recovering Debts with the
least possible delay and expense, by investigating the circumstances connected with Bank-
ruptcies, and private settlements of Debtors, and by using its influence to aid the amendment
of the Laws affecting Trade and Commerce.
Since its formation in 1S52, the " Scottish Trade Protection Society " has been of
much service, not only to its Members, but also to the Mercantile Community at large.
Having numerous Correspondents in various parts of the World, its officers are enabled to
give immediate information as to the movements of Swindlers, who are traced by them from
place to place, under whatever disguise or alias they may assume.
As no individual Member has any personal interest in the Funds of the Society, these
are wholly applied in furthering its objects, thus giving to Subscribers perfect security and
greater advantage than can possibly be afforded by establishments carried on solely by
private parties.
B5- co-operation with the principal Trade Protection Societies at home and abroad, and
through its own private Correspondents in Great Britain and Ireland, the Society seeks to
ascertain the standing and respectability of persons proposing to deal with Members, to
enquire into business transactions where the circumstances are doubtful, and to remove
-groundless suspicion.
Four Postage Stamps must be sent with each inquiry out of Edinburgh.
Members are supplied with a Confidential Circular monthly. They may also obtain
weekly or monthly Lists from the Publishers, at a reduced charge.
These Lists contain, so far as regards — ■
Extracts from Register of Protested Bills, arranged under each County.
Decrees in Absence. — Sequestrations.
Trustees and Commissioners appointed.
Bankrupts to be examined, and other general Bankruptcy information.
Dividends payable under Bankruptcies.
Chancery Notices for Creditors to lodge Claims.
Bills of Sale, and Judgments. &c, &c, S:c.
With Leading Articles on Mercantile Law.
The "Monthly Report" contains a vidimus of the transactions of the Society for the
month, particulars of mercantile frauds, or attempted frauds, with names, autographs, and
photographs of the perpetrators.
The Books of the Society kept at the Head Office contain most valuable information,
which, for obvious reasons, cannot be published ; and it is of importance to bear in mind
that the information thus afforded is always greatly in advance of that contained in any
published document, because Debtors frequently retire their Bills and leave heavy open
Accounts outstanding. These Accounts being handed to the Society for collection, then-
Books exhibit the true circumstances of debtors long before any apparent evidence of
embarrassment is made public.
Between November 1852 and 31st December 1871, £158,927, 15s. 8d. was collected by
applications,' s\\A paid to Members_/ra? of lam charges.
The terms on which this Department is conducted are the following : —
Each Member may, for the year's subscription, have six claims applied for by the
Society's Officers, and the amount of any of these claims recovered will be paid over within a week
without any deduction for commission. If, during the year, a Member send to the Society
for collection more than six claims, these will also be applied for in the usual manner, the
result communicated to the Member, and any sums recovered paid over to him, under
deduction of the following commission : —
On Claims not exceeding £1, jy£ per cent ; above £1 and not exceeding ,£5, 5 per cent ;
above .£5 and not exceeding £ro, 4 per cent ; above ;£io and not exceeding .£30, 1% per cent ;
above ,630 and not exceeding ^50, 2 per cent ; above ^50, 1 per cent.

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