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^HE issue of the present enlarged edition of the County Directory of
Scotland has been necessarily deferred, owing to the numerous altera-
tions consequent upon the rapid extension of the Telegraph system
throughout the Country during the past twelve months. For, while the
maintenance of its recognised position as a Postal Directory has as much as ever
been kept in view, the further object now aimed at is to place before the Public,
in a convenient form for reference, such particulars as will render the work equally
useful as a Telegraph Directory, and thus supply a want beginning to be increas-
ingly felt under the new Government scheme of Post Office Telegraphs.
In carrying out a plan embracing such a multiplicity of details, it must be
evident that a few errors and omissions, especially as regards distances, are unavoid-
able, notwithstanding any amount of pains that may be taken to secure accuracy ;
and in reference to this, the Publishers beg to say that corrections forwarded to
them (accompanied by properly authenticated statements of distances) will be
carefully noted for future use.
A complete List of the Postal Telegraph Offices opened in Scotland to the
present time has been embodied alphabetically in the First Part ; and the Pro-
fessional and other statistics, revised and corrected, are reproduced, forming, as
heretofore, a comprehensive Clerical, Legal, Medical, and Banking Directory.
The latter particulars are, as formerly, omitted in the cases of Edinburgh,
Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Dundee, for which cities local Directories are published.
The Eoyal and Parliamentary Burghs and Populous Places in Scotland, where
the General Police and Improvement (Scotland) Act, 1862, is, in whole or in part,
in force, are now also denoted, with the names of their respective Chief Magistrates
and Town Clerks, and the Population of each according to the Census of 1871.
Another important feature to which notice is directed, is the new Map of
Scotland, prepared expressly for this work by Messrs. W. & A. K. Johnston, in
which the various Postal Telegraph Offices are indicated, and the different Railway
Systems distinctively laid down, — an addition which it is thought cannot fail to
enhance the value of the publication.
The Publishers have again to express their grateful acknowledgments to the
Noblemen and Gentlemen who have favoured them with information ; to the Post
Office Authorities, for whose valuable recognition and support they are so much
indebted ; and, not least, to the Postmasters of Scotland, without whose cordial
co-operation and assistance the production of such a work would scarcely have
been practicable.
.107 Princes Street, Edinburgh,
May 1872.

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