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Index to Places in Comity Directory
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SruDStoD, Pennycuick and Por»
Bryan's colliery, Dalkeith
Buccleuch St. Dalkeith
Burdiehouse, Liberton
Eurghlee, Loanhead
Burnbiae, Kirknewton
Burnhall, Kirklistori
Burnhead, Liberton, and Lass<
Burnhouse, Kirknewton and Por-
Burnside, Kirkliston and Ford
Burnwynde, Rathe
Burton Cottage, Portobello
Bush, Penny cuick and Mussel-
Buteland, Balerno
Butlerfield, Lasswade
Buxley, Tranent
Buxston, Colinton
Byredoor Park, Kirknewton
Byresloan, Ford
Cairney, Musselburgh
Cairntowers., Libberton
Cairns Castle Inn, Kirknewton
Cakemuir, Ford
Calderwood, Lasswade
Caldwells, Ford
Caledonia, Colinton
Callerstane, Hermiston
Cameron Bank, Libberton
Catnpend, Dalkeith
Campie House and loan, Musselb.
Capelaw, Pennycuick
Carberry Tower and Mains,
Carlaverlock, Tranent
Carlourie, Kirkliston
Carmelhill, Kirkliston
Caroline Park, Granton Pier
Caroline Cottage. Portobello
Carrington. Fushiebridjie
Carthall, Gilmerton and Libberton
Castlelaw, Pennycuick
Castlesteads, Dalkeith
Catherine cottage, Portobello
Catherine lodge, Rlusselburgh
Cauldcoats, Libberton
Cauldshoulders, Pennycuick
Chamber's cottages, Musselburgh
Causeyend, Kirknewton
Chesterhall, Ford and Tranent
Civility, Ford
Claybarns, Dalkeith
Cleek-him-in, Pennycuick
Clermiston, Corstorphin
Clifton, Kirkliston
Cliftonhall, Krkliston
Cloutbouses, Tranent
Coats, Pennycuick
Cockburn, Currie
Cockenzie, Prestonpans
Cocklaw. Currie
Cocklemill, Cramond
Cock-me-lane, Colinton
Cockmuir inn, Pennycuick
Cockpen manse, Lasswade
Colinton Mains & Mill, Colinton
Comiston, Colinton
Corbiehill, Cramond
Cornbank, Pennycuick
Corntown, Pennycuick
Corslet, Currie
Corston, Kirknewton
Corstorphin hill and bouse, Cor-
Costerton, Ford
Cottage Lane, Musselburgh
Cousland, Dalkeith
Cousland park, Tranent
Cowden, Tranent and Dalkeith
Cowpits, Musselburgh
Coxydean, Kirknewton
Craigbrae, Kirkliston
Craig Crook, Cramond
Craigentarie, Currie
Craigend, Kirkliston
Craigie, Kirkliston
Craighall, Musi^elburgh
Craigie Hall, Cramond
Craiglockhart, Slatet'ord
Craigmillar, Libberton
Craigo'er, Libberton
Craigpark, Ratho
Craigs, Cramond and Libberton
Craigton, Winchburgh
Cranston, Ford
Cresswell, Pennycuick
Crew, Cramond
Crichton, Ford
Cricbtondean, Ford
Crofts, Dalkeith
Cromielands, Kirkliston
Crossgate Hall, Dalkeith
Crossgreen, Uphall
Crosshouse, Trantnt and Penny-
Cucking, Pennycuick
Cultons, Hermiston
Cummingfield, Loanhead
Currie hill, Balerno
Currie-muir-fnd, Colinton
Curldubs, Uphall
Cuttle, Prestonpans
Dalhousie Castlf, Lasswade
Daihousie ]\Iains, Dalkeith
Dalmore IVJills, Pennycuick
Dalmahoy, Hatho
Dalrymple's Loan, Musselburgh
Dambrae, jMus-selburgh
Damhead, Loanhead
Danderhall, Dalkeith
Darcy, Dalkeith
Davidson's Mains, Cramond
Denshouses. Pennycuick
Dewarton, Furd
Dicbmont, Uphall
Doilridge, Ford
Dolphiuston, Tranent
Doiland's cottage, Wusselburgh
Dornall Cottage, Murrayfield
Dovecot, Musselburgh
Dovehill, Uphall
Dreghorn, Colinton
Drum, Dalkeith
Druramore, Musselburgh
Drumpark, Libberton
Dryden, Roslin
Dryden bank, Loanhead
Drylaw, Cramond
Dubhead, Kirknewton
Duddingston, Portobello
Dumbrydon, Slateford
Duncliff, Murrayfield
Duneden Cottage, Murrayfield
Dun Eik, Lasswade
Duntervie, Winchburgh
East Eangour, Uphall
East Binny, Uphall
East Breadlaw, Uphall
Kast JJu^h; Musselburgh
Easter Bush, Roslin
Easter Mains, Kirkliston and
Easter Newton, Kirknewton
East Camps, Kirknewton
East Craigs, Cramond
East Craigs, Corstoiphine
Eastfield, Portobello, Kirklis-
ton, IMusselburgh, and Penny-
East Haugh, Kirknewton
East Houses, Dalkeith
East Mains, Uphall and Tranent
East Mill, Currie
East Rig, Balerno
East Side, Pennyctfick
East Villa, Portobello
Ecclesmachiin, Uphall
Edgefield, Loanhead
Edi;ehead, Ford and Libberton
Edmonstone, Dalkeith
Eldinhaugh, Dalkeith
Eldin, Lasswade
Elginhaugh, Dalkeith
Ellieston, Kirkliston
Elm Row, and Bank, Lasswade
Elphinston, Tranent
Engine Cottage, Loanhead
Enterkins Gate, Colinton
Esk Bank, Dalk. and Musselbii.
Eskgrove, Musselbu. and Lassu-.
Esk Hill, Roslin and Musselbu: tii
Esk Mills, Pennycuick and Dal-
Esk side. Musselburgh
Esk Park, Musselburgh
Fair-a-far, Cramond
Fairfield, Dalkeith
Fairfield cottage, Portobello
Fairnyflat, Slateford
Fairnylavv. Colinton
Fallhills, Pennycuick
Fallside, Tranent
Farnehole, Pennycuick
Featherhall, Corstorphine
Felton green, Mubsclburgh
Ferneyhill, Libberton
Ferneyside, Libberton
Fillysi'de, Leith
Finary cottage, Musselburgh
Firbank, Lasswade
Firhill cottage, Colinton
Firth, Roslin
Fisherrow, Musselburgh
Fisher's Tryst, Pennycuick
Fivehouses, Liberton
Five-stanks, Upball
FlovFerfield, Loanhead
Fordel, Ford
Forkneuk, Uphall
Forresthall, Slateford
Foalstruther, Tranent
Fountainhall, do.
Four -mile-hill, Corstorphin
Foxhall, Kirkliston
France, Little, Libberton
Frankfield, Loanhead
Freelands, Ratho
Frierton, Pennycuick i
Fuffet, Dalkeith
FuUerton, Pennycuick
Gallowshall, Dalkeith
Gardners Hall, Ford
Gateside, Kirklistoa
Gibraltar, Dalkeith
Gibson lodge, Corstorphin "

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