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DoulJ, Sinclair, and White, 74-
Princes streft
Roberts, W. H. Is. St Andrew sq.
Borthwick, J. & Co. 153 High st.
M. 79 H'kH street
__ — Wm. 61 Hanover street
M'Murray, W. & J. Stead's pi.
Slimmon, G. B. 79 High street
Smith & Son, 219 High street
Young, Wm. & Charles, 128
High street
Barry, James, 2 King's stables
Brown, George, 26 Horse wynd
Corbett, Wm. 32 Broughtoa st.
Gumming, Thomas, Rlarket street
•Fergus, Wm. Junction street
*Ferguson, Davidson, and Co.
Saw mills
♦Gavin, W. & C. 11 Dock place
Grant, J. 212 Canongate
Heather, G. B. Palace yard
•Hutchison and Rogers, Morton st.
Ireland, George, builder, Old Phy-
sic Gardens
Miller, Wm. Cassel's place
Millons, T. and Son, Lothian road
Park, Andrew, Leith walk
Philip J. & R. Whitefield place
Ramsay, \r. Junction street
Ritchie, Alex. Lothian road
Somerville, Jas. 2 1 2 Canongate
Sloane, Thomas, 252 Cu gate
French, Thoma«, Bellevue
Walker, W. Lothian road
(Ste Skinners.)
•Aitchison, David. 22 Kirkgate
Albion cloth warehouse. Assembly
Anderson, J. & Co. 90 So. bridge
♦Angus, R. 6 Tolbooth wynd
*Bennef, F. 96 Kirkgate
BIyth, Robert, 2 1 7 High street
Brown, R. 90 So. bridge
Brunton, W. & Co. 13 Nicolson sq.
Burgess and Son, 3 Hunter sq.
Callendar, S. 5 So. bridge
Chad wick & Son 102 So. bridge
Clapperton, J. & Co. 371 High st.
Craig, A. and Co. 102 South br.
I Brothers, 107 So. bridge
Dalgleish, D. & Son, 13 So. bridge
Davidson, G. and C. 136 High st.
Dick, R. and G. 337 High street
Debbie, Robsrt, 46 Princei street
Fraser and Anderson, 1 St Andrew-
Girdwood, W. and Son, 2 Bank st.
Gordon, John, 33 North bridge
Graham & Weddel, 179 High st.
Grieve, Jas. 9 No. bridge
Harrison & Halket, 36 No. bridge
Hay, John, 289 High street
Heiton & Gulland, 23 Hanover st.
Howison, W. & S )n, 1 Drum-
moud street
Kenmi^re, J. 431 Lawnmarket
Lauder and Co. 343 High street
Lawrie and Bailey, 381 Highst.
Livingston, D. 99 South bridge
Luke, J. and W. 193 High street
M'Leod, J. and Co. 5 Milne sq.
Jlarshall and Aitken, 28 No. bridge
Miller, Rob. 375 High street
Ogilvie, J. & A. 30 No'th bridge
Pantons, W. 63 North bridge
Reid, Wm. 28 George street
Richardson, P. 213 High street
Ritchie, J. and J. 54 Princes st.
Robertson, J. and J. 128 High st.
Roughead, Wm. 24 Princes street
Scott and Co. 29 North bridge
Peter, 9 South bridge
Smith, Wm. 267 High street
Stewart, James, 176 High st.
Strachan, A. and Co. 15 Princes st.
Swanson, T. 164 High street
Thomson, A. and Co. 255 High st,
James, 168 High st.
T. A. and Co. 6 George st.
Tod, John, 55 North bridge
Walker, A. and J. 407 High st.
* and Brown, 144 Kirkgate
* Geo. and Co. 2 Kirkgate
Watson, John, 320 Lawnmarket
White, A. and J. 5 Calion st.
John, 34' George street
William, 29 Princes st.
Wilson and Martin, 7 St An-
drew square
Young, James, 126 High street
Anderson, James, 1 w. Maitland
Baptie, J. 13 Earl Grey street
Brown, Jas. 29 Richmond place
J. 23 Pntterrow
Jamep, 60 India street
John, 24 Wright's houses
*Bruce, Walter and Sons, 27
Charlotte street
Burton, Jas. 5 Howe street
Chalmers, D. 1 Antigua street
Christie, Wm. Victoria terrace
Golden, J. 7 Tobago street
Collins & Son, 18 Frederick st.
Crawford & Anderson, St James'
Cunningham, A. 5 Admiralty st.
Denholm, W. Raeburn place
Dirom, Wm. old Broughton
Donaldson, G. 1 Elder street
Douglis, G. 7.3 High street
*Drummond, A. 15 Constitu-
tion street
J. Lothian road
Fernie, James, 22 Greenside pL,
Ferris, Andrew, 179 Canongate
Gibson, Adam and Son, 56 Cum-
berland street
A. Low Broughton
*Goalen, Ttiomas, Morton sfree^
*Gray, Alexander, 9 Dock street.
Grieve, David, 20 Heriot place
*Hail, Wm. 28 Duke street
♦Hamilton, Gavin, 17 Coaihill
* Harlow, David, Poplar lane
Hendrie, Robert, 42 Pleasaiice
Henderson, John, Cliurch street
J. Mound
Thos. Hill street lane
Hunter William, 2 Howard st.
William, Morningside
*Hutchison, Robt. 12 Charl. ft.
Johnston and Sun, 69 Rose St.
Kettle, James, 9 Johnstone St.
*Kinghorn, James, 52 Couper st.
Langlands, W. Tipperlinn
Laing, Geo. 70 Pocterrow
*Lamb, Peter, 4 Coatfield lane
Lawfon, Jas. 156 Rose street
Leslie, J. 31 William street
Mackenzie, J. 8 e. Thistle st.
M'Gilvray, A. 29 Horse wynd
M'Kain, J. 6 Charles street
M'Neill, R. 1 Nelson »-treet
Middlemas, G. 169 Cau-'seyside
Tho>5. 73 Nicolson street
William, 20 Bedford street
Millie, Arch. Northd. st, lane .
Mitchell, R 8 St Vincent st.
*Moffat, W. 22 Yardheads
jMonison, Jas. Lothian road j
'Murray, Charles, 10 Welling-
ton place
G. Jamaica st. lane, north
T. 29 Horse wynd
Nehon, Greig, and Son, 12 M'-
Dowall street
Park, W. Circus lane
Plurabster, R. l4 Lauriston st.
Porter, Thos. Northumb. st. lane
'Pirrie, David, 8 St Anthony st.
Ramage, James, 206 Rose st.
Reid, David, 1 Sylvan place
Robb, J. 2 s.w. Circus place
Robertson, James, Morningside
Ross, A. Newhaven
Russell, Jno. 6 w. Lauriston pi.
A. Carrubber's close
Samuel, S. 9 Dunbar street
*Saun(iers, John, 15 Mitchell st
*Scott, A. and J. 7 Regent st.
Shanks, D. Leslie place

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