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otJohnston, Henry, 34 Queen st.
Keith, J. 10 Wemyss place
Kennedy, J. 35 Broughton st.
Kerr, D. 25 Nelson street
Laurie, James, 22 Rankeillorst.
Lawrie, A. T. Parkside house
Lees, R. 65 South bridg'e
aLizars, John, 38 Charlotte sq.
M'Donald, R. 35 w. Nicol. st.
M'Glashan, A. 66 North bridge
M'Kenzie, W. Blacket place
Mackie, C 7 no. w. Circus pi.
*Martin, John, Admiralty st.
Menzies, W. 8 Spence's place
oMesser, A. 142 Princes street
Middleton, John, 1 w. Adam st.
Millar, J. S. 9 Roxburghe st.
aMiller, A. 32 Buccleuch place
a James, 22 St Andrew sq.
Mitchell, Edw. 2 Leopold pi.
Mitchelhill, P. 5 Keir street
Murray, Jas. 33 York place
Murray, J. 15 Clerk st.
Myrtle, J. Young, 9 Argyle sq.
Napier, J. 25 w. Nicolson st.
aNasrayth, Robt. 78 Geo. st.
aNewbigging, Sir W. 29 Heriot
Oliver, James, 21 Home street
Pow, Jas. 47 Great King st.
Ramsay, Dr, 15 Melville street
Rhind, W. 8 Hart street
aRobertson, Dr J. A. 58 Queen
* J. 47 Constitution street
Rosa, George, 30 Castle street
Scott, J. 14 Broughton place
James, 5 Tiviot row
Sibbald, G. 2 Argyle square
Sidey, Charles, 64 Hanover st.
Simpson, J. Y. 22 Albany st.
Smith, H. Catharine cottage,
Leith walk
Thos. 13 Elm row
Snodgrass, W. & J. 238 Canong.
Spence, J. 24 Dublin street
Stewart, James, 17 Portland pi.
Strarg, W. 6 no. St Andrew st.
aSyme, James, 9 Charlotte sq.
Tair, William, 139 High street
Taylor, John, 8 Abercromby pi.
Thomson, A. 8 Tiviot row
* GiQ. 51 Constitution st.
Dr T. & Co. 23 Greenside st.
Ure, CD. 12 Elder street
Walker, W. 47 Northumb. sf.
* Watson, T B. 37 Constitution st.
WilUamson, Dr,5l Charlotte st,
J. 30 St Andrew square
aWood, W. 9 Darnaway street
Woodhead, E. 21 Castle street
Wright, W. B. 14 Manor place
Ziegler, A. 23 Buccleuch place
Bell, R. 23 St Patiick square
Biiihop, James, Tipperlinn
Carfrae, T. 1 Erskine place
Chalmers, J. 33 Dutlin street
Cousin, G. 6 R'val Exchange
Crawford & Brooke 50 George st.
Downie, Sam. 143 Princes st. ,
Forsyth, Arthur, 3 Comely green
Gilkie, Alex. 34 Hanover street
Gibson, Andrew, 3 Castle st.
Handyside, Ja. 59 Broughton st.
Home, J. W. 4 Park street
Jardine, W. A. 18 Queen street
Johnston, John, 64 Broughton st.
Knox, James, Tipperlinn
Lancefield, A. 7 Buccleuch place
Lawrie, T. St Bernard's bower
Mackay, David, 9 Hill square
*Patton, Wal. (for Lloyd's) 2 Dock
Sherar, John, 5 Cheyne street
Simpson, Jas. 42 llome street
Whillas, John, 12 Charles street
Wood, J. Canaan grove
*Youni;, J. {shipping^ 4 East-
field place
(Those marked (a) are Tailors and
* Adair, John, 2 Shnre
Aitcbison, T. 107 Nicolson street
a Allan, James, 11 Hanover street
James, 86 South bridge
.'M>ton, George, 52 Hanover st.
aAnderson, John, 16 Sou'h br.
P. 21 Lothian street
a Archibald, D. 45 Princes street
Armet & Son, 8 Shakespeare sq.
aArtbur & Son, 6 St Andrew sq.
Ayer, Jas. 3 East Register street
aBanks, Henry, 22 Duke street
Begg, A. 23 Bread stret
«Birron, C. 74 High street
Bishop, J. 142 Hijih street
Beatson, J. 15 s. College street
*Black, John, 47 Couper street
Walter, 5.3 Thistle street
Blair, Cbas. 377 High street
Bonar, David, 16 Chapel street
Borthwick, J. & Co. 8 Earl Grey
aBoyack, Alex. 63 North bridge
*Bo)d, John, 18 Sandport street
* S. 58 Shore
Brockie, J. 369 High street
Brown, A. Morningside
J. 2 Queen street
J. 16 So. St David street
Brunton, J. 34 North Bridge
G. 150 Hi h street
J. 82 Princes street
Brydon, Wm. 8 Keir street
BucKmaster, T.&Co. 135 Geo. st.
Burnett, G. 194 Rose street
n- T. jun. 48 w. Register st.
aBurns, W. 39 Nicolson street
Calder, Thos. 357 High street
aCameron and M'Diarmid, 72
Princes street
Jaraep, G Hill place
Cameron Peter, 24 Cumberland st.
Carr, M. 1 9 so. St David street
Carron, Pat. 1 St Mary's wynd —
— See Adv.
Clark, James, 369 High street
Conway, Mrs J. 4 St Mary's wynd
See Adv.
H. 9 St Mary's wynd — See
Copland, G. 37 Frederick street
a R. T. 58 n. Hanover st.
Corner, J. 60 Princes street
aCowan, R. 44 Thistle street
C'lwtiie, Wm. 5 so. College street
aCraig, John, 6 Waterloo pla^-e
Crawford, J. & Co. 75 Princes st.
Creigkton, John, 10 Nicho'son St.
Cr( w, Wm. I w. Ricnmnnd St.
Crosbie, J. 112 Nicolson street
aDallv, P. 8 Netberbow— See
♦Dagger, James, 50 Yardheads
Darling, G. 3 so. St And ew st.
Davison, John, 6 Roxburghe pi.
Dewns, T. 86 Rose street
aD-nholm, A. 227 High street
*Dewar, James, 76 Giles' street
Dick, James, 30 Hanover street
T. Silvermills
Dickinson, G. 15 Drummond st.
Dickson, Alex. 3 Chapel street
*a George, 2 Duke street
a Robert, 2 Alva street
Thomas, 3 Ri lo street
«Drummond,W. 13 Tolbuoth wynd
•Euinson, T. B. 30 Kirkgate
Ewing, B. 30 Frederick street
Farmer, D. 25 w. Nicolson street
Fell, A. 9 so. St Andrew street
Finlay, Chas. 54 North bridge
*Ferney, Alexander, 8 Dock place
Forsyth, Robt. 41 Bristo street
Fowler, Jas. 399 Lawnmarket
aFraser& Anderson, 1 St And. sq.
a R. & Son, 80 Princes st.
W. Calla:.der's entry
aGalloway, A. 37 Frederick st.
Wm. 3 fllelbourne place
Gardner, T. 16 J^outh bridge
A. 187 High street
*Glbb, Geo. 6 Cuburg street
Gilbert, J. & Son, 37 Noi th br.
Thomas, 2 South bridge
Gilzean, T. 43 Broughton street
Gourlay, R. & T. 142 High st.
Greig, W. 6 Lothian street
Gow, Forbes, 187 High street
a Grant, J. 16 South bridge
Green, Peter, 53 Cumberland st.
♦Hamilton, David, 67 Tolb. wynd,
Hannan, D. 47 Tliistlc street
Harley, John, 18 w. Richmond st.

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