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r 599 Grieve, Ro. leather manufr.
613 Skinner's close
619 Pipi-'s close
623 Ramsay lane
623 Wrightman's school
Tolbooth Church School
Ramsay Garden
o Ramsay I^odije
tj M'Gregor, Joseph, esq. acet.
Reservoir ;
^ Mercer, Jas. water-officer
f^ 625 Murray, John, esq. S.S.C.
CO The Castle
^416 Castle loynd
404 Blaifs close
398 Nelson, T. bookseller
— Christie, iVJiss, milliner
392 BosweWs court
388 Rockville close
Victoria Hall Church
- 340 Bell, Joseph, wigniaker
I — Walker, Geo. bagpipe mkr.
332 Johnston's close
— Hopton, Jn. Germ, clock m.
3?i0 Cameron, D spirit-dealer
328 Graham, David, grocer
226 Chatham iv ]\lillan, grocers
I 322 Riddle's close
320 Watson, John, draper
I 316 Frier, J. victual-dealer
I 314 Brown, Thomas, draper
I 312 Fisher's close
^'310 Sawers, Thomas, baker
W 306 Smith, W. & Son, bookbdrs.
306 Smith, A. H. bookbinder
304 Brodie's close
St. Andrew's Mason Lodge
302 Russel and Monteith, spirit-
300 Buchanan's court
298 Ferguson, Daniel, stationer
294 Laidlaw and Cowan, drapers
290 Marshall, W. jeweller
George I V.'s Brid>je intervenes
County Police Office
Siqnet Library
County ijTrt^/jGeo. Archibald
Justle of Peace Office
M'Laren, Rt. Road-Office
County Hall
St Giles's Church
Parliament Square ;
Crown Agent's Office; James
Tytlei-, esq. agent
Advocates' Library
Courts of Law
Union Bank of Scotland
Callender, J. (Union Bank)
Dick, A. accountant
; Exi'hequer Chambers
Nixon, William, architect, &c.
! Commissary Clerk's Office;
Carphin, Geo. Deputy Com-
missary Clerk.
Gracie J. B. Comm.-clerk
Police Office
204 Hutchison, Rob. superinten-
dent of Court Buildings
200 Aitcheson, J. & Co. spir.-dlrs
196 Old Fishmarhet close
100 Edin. Even. Courant Office
— Publishing Office
Borthwich's close
Ford, James, wine-merchant
Burn, Geo. victual-dealer
M'Intyre, John spirit-dealer
Greig Oi: Co. carpet-ware-ho.
Courant Counting-room
Stewart, J. woollen-draper
Old Assembly close
Thomson, J. woollen-draper
Ritcliie, James, painter
Cockburn, Mrs, cap-maker
Clai'k, William, slater
Smith, John, spirit- dealer
Swanston, T. woollen-draper
Covenant close,
Anderson & Bryce, printers
GuUand, George, baker
Burnet's close
Scougall, J. grocer
Livingston, Ja. (Com. Bank.)
Scottish Herald Office
M'Kie, John, engraver
Destitute Sick Society Hall
Edin. Gratis Sab. School Soc.
Law, James, & Co. tailors
Brunton, Geo. tailor
Ker, Wm. spirit-merchant
Bell's icynd
Rutherford & Son, spirit.mer.
Commercial Bank of Scotland
Ritchie, H. (Com. Bank)
Robertson, C. porter to bank
Henry, R. tailor
Boyle, J. engraverand printer
Gourlay. R. and T. tailors
Bishop, J. tailor
M'Culloch, W. sheriff-officer
Ritchie, James, stationer
Davidsons, woollen-drapers
Stevenlaiv's close
Robertson, J. & J. merchants
Young, W. & C. wire-workers
Young, James, woollen-draper
Hutton, Miller, and Ross,
Tron church
South Bridge intervenes
Niddry Street intervenes
Melrose, And. & Co. grocers
Davidson, W. ironmonger
Dickson's close
Carter, J. tobacconist
Sutherland, George, glazier
Sinclair, And. hairdresser
Oliphant, F. baker
Cant's close
Mickel, Stephen, spirit-dealer
Strichen's close
Tweedale, John, tobacconist
Steele, J. furn*!. ironmonger
Wright, J. boot and shoe maker
Blachfriar's wynd
Hodge's court
94 Crawford & Tod, ironmongers
92 Hogg, James, hairdresser
90 Gardner, Wm. spirit-dealer
88 Meek, John, grocer
86 Thomson, G. & A. cab.-mkrs..
84 Benevolent Society Hall
- Anderson, R. printer
82 Steedman, W. tea and coffee
80 Toddrick's wynd
78 Moffat, Peter, tobacconist
74 Birron, Chas.tailor and clothier
72 Rutherford, W. spirit-merch.
70 Murdoch's close
64 Johnstone, Mrs, pawnbroker
66 Skinner's close
60 Jamieson,W.M. haberdashers
58 Gallic, J. B. merchant
56 South Gray's close
Elphinston's coitrt
54 Walker, James, haberdasher
50 Hyndford's close
48 Currie, Jno. tea & spirit-mer.
42 South Fowlis' close
32 Tansh, Mrs, victual-dealer
28 Fountain close
26 Stewart, A. merchant
24 Robertson, Jas. confectioner
- Beatson, John, spirit-dealer
18 Christie, John, grocer
16 Twefddale court.
14 Crombie & Ramsay, bakers
10 World's End close.
8 Daly, Patrick, clothier
2 Waterston,R.&Co.haberdash.
HILL PLACE, N'tcolson St.
1 Henderson, Thomas, baker
2 Carniiehael,H.of Ferguson & Co.
3 Simpson, Thos. coffee-room
4 Stewart, Alexander, teacher
- Whltelaw, J. tailor
5 Purves, William, surgeon
6 Cameron, James, tailor
7 M'Dowall, John, seal-engraver
- Cormick, Mrs A. midwife
- Thomson, Mrs, sick-nurse
9 Cruickshank, James, surgeon
10 Mauzie, Mrs, lodgings
Hamilton, Mrs Thos. lodgings
Dunlop, Mrs H.
M'Naughton, Mrs, lodgings
1 1 Nichol, Rev. A.
13 Wilson, Andrew, clothier
15 Campbell, A. victual-dealer
16 Kerr, Robert, baker.
1 Johnston, Robert, W.S.
- M'Kay, C. Theatre-Royal
2 Gifford, Alexander, esq. S.S.C.
4 Grieve. Miss, lodgings
- Carnegie, Johrston, agent
- Johnston, Mrs William
5 Stankie, Messrs G. & H. cap
6 Piatt, Ed. teacher of music
7 Kerr, Robert, baker
- Tait, Alexander
- Begbie, Miss
- Johnston, D. house-factor

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