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^2 Aitken, Samuel, bookseller
23 Guiin, W. I\l. esq.
24 Robertson, Rev. V\'.
25 Brown, G. wine-inerchant
26 M'Kay, Alex. es(i.
M'Kay, John A. esq.
27 Sitvvell, Captain
28 Toiranc-o, G. M. esq.
29 Brown, IMrs
30 Borthwick, J. esq.
31 Greville, Uobt. K., LL.D.
32 Ciapperton, Thomas, esq.
3;J Miller, Mrs W.
34 BaiUie, Miss, of Polkemmet
35 Lauson, Charles, esq
36 Clieep, Mrs of Kossie
37 Sym, Rev. John
38 Fyfe, Dr Andrew
39 Adam, Dr Walter
— Milne, Archibald, esq.
_ Tiiomson, William, S.S.C.
— Crammond, Miss
— Robertson, Miss
40 Brunton, W. cloth-merchant
— Brunton, Mrs
— ]5aird, Miss
42 Ferguson, William, W.S.
— Ferguson, Walter, artist
43 Whitehead, William, hosier
44 Parker, Jn. of Stamp Office
45 Harvie, Miss
_ M'Crie, Rev. Thomas
— Walker, Miss
— Home, Misses
46 Robertson, Misses
47 Douglas, James, esq.
48 Ritchie, John, esq.
48 Findlav, Mrs
49 Turnbull, Geo. esq. W.S.
51 Bertram, Miss, of Kerswell
52 Loraine, Miss
53 Fairbairn, Dr, F.R.C.P.
54 Wauchoi)e, Miss, of INiddry
— Ferguson, Jas. broker
— Forrest, J. R. auctioneer
55 Siiiih. Distncl La'iiesliistitntion
5(y Leburn, Thos. esq. S.S.C.
57 Peddie, Rev. W^. junior
58 Negris, Alex. esq.
59 Miller, William, esq. S.S.C.
60 Young, Dr William
St. Anderew to Charlotte square
1 Gunn, G. & J.C. civil-engineers
— Gellatly, John, engraver
— Peddie, Donald S. accountant
— Ross, Andrew, tailor
3 Standard life Assurance
— Thomson, W. T. esq. account
5 De Fivas, V. esq.
— Campbell, Alex, lace-merchant
— Campbell, H. H. lace-merchant
— Campbell, J. working-jeweller
7 Whytock, R. & Co. turn. wa.
9 Calderwood,Mrs,strw.-hatmkr,
II Hodges, David, jeweller
11 Dick, Mrs, teacher of needle- wk. 43
— ^lorrilles, F. .surgeon-denti.st 43
— Machine, John, lute of (G.I'.O.)
M'intosh, Mrs, ladies' nurse
13 Whyte, W. Csi Co. booksellers
Bruce, Misses, milliners, &c.
Rose Court.
St. Andrcw''s Church intertenes
15 Ciialmers, Francis, painter
Thomson, G. A. accountant
Ei'perlence Life Assurance Co.
17 Balfour, R. esq. accountant
Brodie, P. esq. accountant
Pratt, John, gunmaker
Pratt, Miss, umbic teacher
Mutual Accumulation Society
King, Misses, dressmakers
King, James, tailor
19 Caledonian Life Assurance
21 Murray fs: Gibb, printers
Wilson ^^ Co. drtSsing-case mkr
Smith & Linton, painters
Buchanan, James, S.S.C.
23 Toppin and Co. straw-hat mak.
Christie, Alex, wine merchant
23 M'Crie, W. & Co. paper-sti-s.
Auchie & Brown, upholsterers
Brown, John, & Co. bootmakers
Murdoch, C. seal engraver
Kerr, J. D cupper to the Queen
Chalmers, T. carver & gilder
Paterson, Roy i^ Co. music sel.
"29 Ei-iiubiu\jh and Glasgow Bank
Bonar, Archibald, banker
Monument to Georye the Fourth
33 Smith, Mrs, baby-linen ware-h
Wilkes, Mrs M. tobacconist
Duncan, R. & G. shoemakers
Ferrell, Henry, linen-draper
35 Gray, John, umbrella and la-
dies' shoe wai'ehouse
Dick, Miss C. furrier
Hewat, G. & Co. wine-mercht.
Robertson & Watson, druggist
37 Crager, J. baby -linen warelio.
Hewat, G. (of Hewat & Co.)
Scott, T. M. esq. W. S.
Blackwood, James, esq. W. S.
Ross, M. milliner
Keigliley, Mathew, shoe wareh
Rabagliati, Signor Giacomo
Gray, John, shoemaker
39 Crawford, Andrew, stationer
— Murray, David, accountant
— Murray, William, accountant
— County Prison Board
— Westminster Life Ojjice
— Sun Fire Office
— Road Office ■ — Middle district
— Macara, L. M. esq. W.S.
— Paterson, David, brassfounder
— Thomson, G. k Co. bootmakers
— Matheson, A. & Co. merchants
41 Calder, Mrs, midwife
— Scott, Miss, French staymaker
— Butters, L. seal-engraver
— Millar, Mrs, lodgings
— Miller, Jiiss, teacher of drawing
— Marshall, J. o. W. jewellers
Blackwood, T. & J. silk-mercers
Black wooil, Thos. (of T. ^; J.
Blackwood, A. esq.
Blackwood, Mrs John
Straton, Charles, esq.
Rjimpini A Ricateau, rooms
Fyffe, MissD. teacher of mufic
Blackwood, W. & Sons, booksls.
Bain, D. linen draper
Cameron, Misses milliners
Cameron. Miss M. staymaker
Scottii-h Union Insurance Office
Mitchell <-V Heriot, straw-hat m.
Taylor, J. auction rooms
Griffith & Son, umbrella-mkrs.
Melrose, John, tailor
Rutherford. R. jun. & Co. la-
dies' shoemakers
Ogilvy, J. S. accountant
Tait, A. sen. baker
Tail, A. jun. baker
M'Farlane, Miss, straw-hat m.
Aldridge, V. paper-stainer
Dick, H. and J. milliners
Brown. Miss, lace-dealer
Tait, Andrew, jun. baker
Cruickbhank and Sons, hosiers
Low, John, china warehouse
Brown & Pearson, accountants
Tod & Hill, etqrs. W.S.
Alexander & Co. M. baby linen
Porteous, William, writer
Crawford, E.T. portrait-painter
Crawford, Mrs, teach, of singing
Whitehead & Livingston, hosrs.
Steele, W. and P. ironmongery
Gaugain, J. J. stationer, and
ladies' fancy-work depot
Paterson, Archd. silk mercer
Smith, J. junior, manufacturer
Edmonds, E muse teacher
Macbryde, A jjerfumer
Martin, William, hairdresser
Blrfnc, V. French shoewareho.
Gallic & Bayley. booksellers
Hislop, Mrs, stiiymaker
Monument to William Pitt
Wilkie, W. paper stainer
Blair, Charles, silk-mercer
Deuchar, Alex, seal-engraver
Fletcher, Mrs
Cuthbertson, William, writer
Robertson, Mrs. corsetmaker
Belfrage, William, hosier
Reid, John, Anderson & Co,
Dalrymple, Miss
Hay and Addis, plumbers
Meldrum, Misses, milliners
Cunningham, Wm. jeweller
Dixon and Douglas, grocers
Ruffini, A. teacher of Italian
Morrison, James, upholsterer
Leechman,J.>i Co. silk-mercers
Forsyth, Miss, milliner
Janiieson, Mrs, staymaker
Marshall and Sons, jewellers

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