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Watt & Clark, 23 Princes street
Wilson, John, 52 Park street
Wyllie, Robert, 34 St. Paul st.
India-Rubber (Vulcanised)
Aclmach & Gauld, 61 Union st.
Campbell, Achnach, & Co., 18
Bridge street, and 6 Trinity
buildings, Trinity quay
Clyne, Wm., & Sons, 3 Hadden
Drurnmond, J. & J., 2 \ Belmont
Duthie, Alex. , 96 Union street
Elrick & M'Pherson, 24 Guild
Findlay & Co., 146 George street
Fraser, Wm., 57 and 59 St.
Mcholas street
Watson, R. H., 15 Netherkirk-
Inns and Hotels.
Sec also Stablers.
Adam, William ( Temperance), 20
Regent quay
Benson, Richard (Bath Hotel),
{Temperance) Bath street
Brown, R. (Prince of Wales), 9
St. Nicholas lane
Beattie, James, 63 and 65 Nether-
Campbell, Jas. , 16 Mealmarket st.
Cameron, Mrs, 6 Little Belmont
Chalmers, James, 10 Harriet st.
Cormack, John (Lemon Tree), 7
and 9 St. Nicholas street
Davidson, James, 39 Lodge walk
Douglas' Hotel, Market street
Dufras's Hotel, 13 Guestrow
Duffus, Misses [Temperance), 54
Union street
Duncan, D. , 8 West North st.
Duthie, John, 180 Gallowgate
Farquhar, Robert (Waverley),
Guild street
Findlay, Mrs (National Hotel),
42 Regent quay
Forsyth's (Temperance), 100 and
102 Union street
Garioch, Peter (Market Arms),
13 Hadden street
Glennie, Mrs, 49 Lodge walk
Gordon, Geo. (Star and Garter),
79 Windmill brae
Hay, J. (Athenaeum), 2 and 7
Union buildings
Hutcheon, Mrs John (Temper-
ance), 56 Union street
Imperial Hotel, Stirling street
M'Adam, Mrs, 30 Gerrard street
M 'Andrew, J. (Bursar's), 60 and
61 Castle street
M 'Donald's Club Hotel, 11 Mar-
Irpf" oj"T»pp"|"
M'Kay, John (North British), 8
and 10 Trinity street
Mann, Chas. (Palace Hotel), 159
Union st. and 5 Bridge st.
Mennie, Mrs (Ferry hill), 124
Wellington road
Milne, John (Royal Oak), 5 and
9 Marischal street
Moncur, Nicol, 10 Adelphi
Mullet, Isabella, 78 Union st.
Mutch, Mrs Jas. (Steam Yacht),
Pocra pier
Ogg, David, jun. (Crown), 3
Shore brae
Riddel, the Misses (New Inn),
Robson, James (Lome Hotel), 6
Trinity street
Smith, John R. (City Hotel), 21
St. Nicholas street
Stuart, Mrs (Albert), 9J Correc-
tion wynd
Thomson, W., 6 Mealmarket st.
Insurance Agents.
See end of Professions Directory.
Insurance Brokers.
See Ship and Insurance Brokers.
Abernethy, James, & Co., Ferry-
hill Foundry

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