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Stephen, John, Hosefield
Watt, Geo., 12 Holburn place
Wilson, William, Mile-end, Hol-
See Plumbers, &c.
German Clockmakers.
Auer, A., 51 Upperkirkgate
Wunderley, P., 42 George street
Glass Stainers and Benders.
Garvie, Jas., & Sons, 236 Union
See Watchmakers and Jewellers.
Grain Merchants.
Aberdeen Commercial Company,
Provost Blaikie's quay
Alexander, James, Lower Justice
Buyers, Alex., 131 King street
Clark Brothers, 15 Guild street,
13 West North street, and
Leggart Mills
Clarke & Co., 47 Marischal street
Connon, Richard, & Co., 9 Re-
gent quay
Craig, James, 34 Marischal street
Crombie, James, 2 Trinity bdgs.
Davidson, W., 12 and 14 Com-
merce street
Donald, Jas., 14 and 16 Welling-
ton place
Fraser, John, Upper Justice Mills
Gavin, J., jun., 198 George st.
Gammie k Johnstone, 47 Clarence
Grant & Co., 52 Regent quay
Hunter, W. Quin, 43 Marischal
Hutcheson, George, & Co., 47
Marischal street
Jamieson, George, 59 Schoolhill
Keith. Alex., 36 Commerce street
Kemp & Walker, 4 St. Cathe-
rine's wynd
Knox, Wm., 16 King street
Leith, Hugh, 83 George street
Lindsay's Trustees, City Flour
Mills, 73 Causewayend
Lyon, Alex., 194^ George street
M'Dougal, John, ^48 Market st.
Mess, Trustees of J., 12 Virginia
Milne Brothers, 10 Guild street
Morrison, G., 16 Mealmarket st.
Murdoch, A., & Son, 47 Maris-
chal street
Mutch, James G., 30 Exchange
street and 19 Holburn street
Northern Agricultural Co., 30
Waterloo quay
Porter, Geo., jun., 28 Market st.
Robertson, John, 45 Marischal st.
Scorgie, Wm., 7 Rose street
Sharp, Andrew, 37 James street
Sherriffs, Kenneth, 8 James st.
Stephen, G., & Son, 21 Erskine
Strachan, John, & Sons, Gilcom-
ston Mills
Thomson, Jas., 22 Commerce st.
Thomson, John, 52 Queen street
Webster, W. F., 16 King street
Wisely, Wm., 7 James street
White, John F., 107 King street
Wilson, Isaac, 14 West North st.
Granite Polishers.
See Stonecutters.
Grinders (General).
Strachan, J.. & Sons, Gilcomston
Grocers, Tea, Wine, and
Spirit Dealers.
Those marked * are wholesale.
Abel, Wm., 117 Gallowgate
Adams, Jane, 4 Broomhill place
Adams, Isabella, 24 Castle street
Adams, John, 64 Green
Airth, John, 31 Market street
Alexander, A., & Co., 151 George
Alexander, A,, 1 and 3 Baltic

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