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Dancing (Teachers of).
Mitchell, A. Cosmo, Music Hall
Morrison, F., 40 Union place
Poison, A. H., 33a Summer st.
Begg, John, 17 Weighhouse sq,
Black, Wm., & Co., Devanha
Bon-Accord Distillery Co., Ltd.,
Newbridge, Hardgate
Ogg, Henry, & Co., Strathdee,
100 Great "Western road
Crombie, Peter, L.D., S.R.C.S.,
Ed., 8 Union terrace
Cromar, John, 15 Belmont st.
De Lessert, Alfred AL, L.D.S.,
E.C.S.I., 220 Union street
Fearnside, John, 49 Green
King, Maxwell M., 26 St. Nicho-
las street
Laing, Thomas, 28 George st.
Murison, Alex. S., 50 Dee street
Murison, J., 44a Chapel street
Pittendrich, J., L.D.S.,R.C.S.L,
84 Union street
Robertson, W. P., 124 Crown st.
Williamson, William H, M.D.,
D.D.S., L.D.S., 15 Union
Drapers and Silk Mercers.
Those marked * are wholesale.
Adam, Jas. B., 6 Skene place
Adams, Chas., 8 Black's bdgs.
Alexander, Miss, 120 Skene st.
Alexander, Miss, 11 Little Chapel
Allan, Geo., 61^ Windmill brae
Allan, John, 38^ Broad street
Allan, Miss W., 237^ George st.
Allan, Miss M., 68 Esslemont
Attenborrow, Mrs, 15 Rosemount
Bamfbrd, J. M., 35 Thistle street
Bannerman, John, 268a and 270a
George street
Beaton, Mrs, 66 Park street
Bisset, A. , 69 Rosemount place
Bisset, J. & J., 53 Broad street
Breck, Mrs, 174 Crown street
Brown, Geo., 31 Castle street
Brown, J. , & Son, 2 and 4 George
Burns, John, 266 George street
Burr & Donald, 38a George st.
Burr & Shirras, 36a George st.
Calcler, Mrs, 34 and 35 Market
Clark, Peter, 89 George street
Connon, Mrs, 123 J Crown street
Davidson, Misses, 65 Queen st.
Davie, James, 28 Union place
Dewar, David, 49 Castle street
Duncan, Misses, South Bridge,
Hoi burn street
Dnrno & Cameron, 19 and 21
Broad street
Esslemont & Macintosh, 11 and
13 Broad street
Esson, Jas., 40 and 41 Castle st.
Falconer, J., & Co., 65 Union st.
Forbes, Arch., 28 Claremont st.
Fowler, John, 88 King street
Fyfe, Leslie, 150 George street
Gill, John, 110 George street
Goodson, R., 56 St. Nicholas st.
Gordon, J., & Son, 44 Union st.
Gordon, Wm., 2 Marywell street
Gray, Henry, Greyfriars bdgs.
*Gray, W., 42, 48, and 50 Broad
street, and 13 Millburn st.
Greig, Mrs, 36 and 37 Market
Harper, Alex., 10 Gallowgate
Hay, R. W., 70 Green
Henderson, John, 14 Gilcomston
Henderson, R., 33 and 35 Union
Jessiman, A. G. , 25 and 27 George
street, and 46 Green
Kemlo, Miss, 8 Upperkirkgate
Kennedy, James, 38 Upperkirk-
*Kilgour, James, 94 George st.
Kinghorn, James, 30 and 32 St.
Nicholas street

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