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Stocket Road (South High) leads south-west from Mile-End, by left hand side
road, past Morningfield, and on to the Stocket
Stocket Road (North High) leads westward from Mile-End, by right hand side
road, past Raeden and Oakbank
Stocket Road (Low) leads in a straight line westward from Caroline place.
past Westburn, Bonnymuir, and Woodhill, on to the Stocket
Summerhill ; Alex. Emslie Smith — on South High Stocket road, two miles
from Skene square, right hand side
Sunnybank ; J. W. F. Smith-Shand, M.D.— about half a mile from Cause-
wayend, by Canal road
Sunnypark ; James Cocker & Sons — adjoining Froghall, five minutes' walk
from Causewayend
Sunnyside ; Peter M' Robbie— adjoining Spittal, three minutes' walk west of
Old Red Lion Inn
Temora, Cults ; Robert Fergusson
Thornhill ; James Chivas— on Mid Pitfodels road, two and a half miles from
Holburn street, right hand side
Thorngrove ; William Griffith — on North Deeside road, two miles from
Thornvilla, Seafield ; Hugh Harper
Torry Farm ; William Duncan- -on south side of river Dee, opposite Victoria
Trinity Cemetery — King street road ; James Curran, superintendent
Villa Franca ; Geo. Dempsy— a quarter of a mile north from Queen's Gate
Viewbank ; James Collie— on North Deeside road, about three miles from
town, right hand side
Viewfield ; Mrs William Stevenson— between Countesswells and Rubislaw
roads, one half mile west of Rubislaw Quarries
Vinery Lodge, Cults — Daniel Macandrew
Wellwood ; "George Davidson— on N. Deeside road, near Cults, right hand side
Westbum ; James Chalmers — on Low Stocket road, right hand side, five
minutes' walk from Caroline place
Westpark ; Mrs Gray — on North Deeside road, three miles from town, left
hand side
Westerton of Pitfodels ; Mrs George Stirling — three and a half miles from
Aberdeen, on north side of Dee, near Cults station
Wbitemyres House ; James Donald— on the old Skene road, three and three-
fourth miles from Skene square, by Low Stocket road
Willowpark ; George Ewen— on Low Stocket road, two miles from Caroline
place, left hand side
Woodbank ; Alex. Davidson— on North Deeside road, three miles from town,
right hand side
Woodbine Cottage, Ruthrieston — Andrew Adams
Woodend Cottage, Hazlehead ; James Inglis — on Skene road, two miles from
town, right hand side /
Woodhill ; Mrs Jopp— on Low Stocket road, one mile and a quarter from Caro-
line place, right hand side
Woodland House — on Pitfodels, between the Mid Pitfodels and Deeside roads,
about two miles from Holburn street
Woodside Cottage, Pitfodels ; A. Turreff — on Mid Pitfodels road, right hand
side, three and three-fourth miles from Aberdeen
Woodside House ; Wm. Murray— on the south side of river Don, about a mile
past Woodside Railway Station
Yellow Cottage ; James Hardy — on Old Deeside road, left hand side, one mile
from Union place

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