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Scottish Provident Institution
A. S. COOK, Esq., Merchant I WM. HENDERSON, Esq., Devanha
WM. FERGUSON, Esq , Kinmundy I ROBERT LUMSDEN, Esq., Banker
IN THIS SOCIETY alone are combined the advantages of
Mutual Assurance with Moderate Premiums.
A Policy for £1200 to £1250 may, at most ages, be had for the pre-
mium generally charged, with profits, for £1000 : while under the
equitable system of division large additions may be expected to the
Policies of those who participate.
The WHOLE PROFITS go to the Policyholders, on a system at
once safe and equitable, — no share being given to those by whose
early death there is a loss.
The Fifth Septennial Investigation showed a SURPLUS of
£624,473, which, after reserving £208,158 for future division,
was divided among 6662 Policies entitled to participate. Policies
of £1000 sharing a first time were increased to sums varying
from £1180 to £1300 or more. Other Policies were raised to £1400,
£1500, and upwards. A few of the early Policies have been doubled.
Examples of Annual Premiums for £100 at Death (with Profits).
Payable during Life
Limited to 21 Payments
2 12 6
£2 1 6
2 15 4
£2 6 10
3 2
£2 14 9
3 7 5
£3 5 9
3 17 6
£4 17
4 12 1
Thus a person of 30 may secure £1000 at death by a yearly pay-
ment during life of £20 15s. ; which would generally secure else-
where about £800 only.
At age 40 the Premium ceasing at 60, is for £1000, £33 14s. 2d.,
about the same as most Offices require during the whole term of
The New Assurances effected in 1881 were £1,063,109. The
Income of the year was £579,032. The Realised Fund was in-
creased in the year by no less than £288,678. Its amount at close
of the year was £4,201,930.
Only four Offices in the Kingdom (all much older) have as large
a Fund.
REPORTS with Statement of Principles may be had on appli-
cxtion at the Head Office, 6 St. Andrew Square, Edinburgh ; or from
THOS. FERGUSON, Local Secy.,
231 i Union Street.

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