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Hamilton Place.
From Westfielcl road to Fountainhall
Oswald Prosser, solicitor
3 Alex. M'Robbie (of M'R. & M.)
5 Samuel Milne (of M'R. & M.)
9 G. M. Cook (of J. C. & Son)
Miss A. Milne
Mrs Lumsden
John M'Bain, M.A., teacher
John Still, late farmer
Hanover Lane.
Foot of Albion street.
1 Wm. Cardno, shipmaster
. . Mrs Murray, midwife
. . John Robertson, cooper
7 James Barron, rivetter
Hanover Street.
From Castlehill to Albion street.
3 Mrs Summers, sick nurse
4 John Rae, grocer
15 F. W. Smith, house carpenter
16 John Rae, grocer
From Bon- Accord street to Mile-end.
75 John Brown, flesher
81 Robert Wilson, late gunmaker
. . David Colville, brewer
83 Mrs Wilson, grocer
Collegiate School, Willowbank
Mrs Smith, Rosebank
139 Mrs Gillanders, Millbank House
141 Miss Ray, Elmbank
. . Miss Mitchell, dressmaker, do.
147 Community of St. Mary and St.
John, House of Bethany
153 J. R. Petrie & Sons, gardeners
181 Roger & Baxter, plasterers
187 W. Noble, inspector
213 Wm. Robertson, cabhirer
2 Alex. Kemp, church officer (F.
W. C.)
10 Walter Ross, painter
30 Margaret Hutcheon, provision
34 R. M'Kenzie, contractor
42 James Tough, shipmaster
44 Kenneth Sherriffs, grain mercht.
48-50 John Leask, house carpenter
62 John Abel, gardener
74 Wm. Sim, tanner and currier,
Bon- Accord Distillery Co., Lim.
124 James Robertson & Son, granite
126 James Duthie, Leighton Lodge
146 M'Adam & Co., brewers
148 John C. M'Leod, hatter
180 David Gray & Son, cartwrights
202 James Skinner, gardener
From Skene row to Jack's brae.
22-23 Alex. Riddel, flesher
Harper's Court.
72 West N orth street.
Harriet Street.
From Schoolhill to Loch street.
3 Henry Hall, wool and rag mercht.
5 James Henderson, blacksmith
5£ G. Farquharson, house carpenter
7 Geo. Falconer, sawmaker
10 James Mearns, innkeeper
12 James Mortimer, grocer
13 John Cameron, innkeeper
20 Thomas Murray, draper
23 Wm. Booth, chimney sweep
27 James Young, porter dealer
28 George Stuart, waste dealer
Hawthorn Terrace.
By Park road, end of Park street.
2 Thomas Ritchie, millwright
5;Archd. Middleton, bird dealer
. . George Gall, S. B. officer
6 Alex. Findlay, feuar
Headcroft Place.
Bon- Accord lane.
James Keith (A. M. F. & Co.)
Heading Hill.
From Commerce street to Castlehill.
Henderson's Court.
46 Broad street.
Henderson's (W.) Court.
91 Gallowgate.
Henderson's Court.
161 Gallowgate.
Henry Place.
From Whitehouse street to Henry
2 James Stephen (of S. & C.)
2a Stephen & Campbell, plasterers
3 Walter Taylor, joiner
. . Miss Taggart
. . Roderick Mackay, draper

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