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8 Alex. Simpson, advocate
9 Mrs Alex. Ogston
11 Wm. Rose (of D. Rose & Co.)
12 David Reimet, teacher
North Silver street.
13 Hugh Hogarth, merchant
14 Miss Williamson
15 Dr. R. J. Garden
17 Charles Cook
18 James H. Bower, merchant
Lindsay street.
19 Henry Jackson, M.D.
20 Mrs David Wvllie
21 Robt. Abernethy (of J. A. & Co.
Gordon Street.
From Langstane pi. to Oldmill road.
1 Miss Urquhart, grocer
15 James Cook, church officer
. . David McKay, church officer
19 John Edward, jobbing gardener
. . John Shirreffs, cab hirer
20 Mrs Duff us, sick nurse
22 Gordon's court.
. . Smith Ewan, inspector of police
24 Andrew Brown, flesher
30 Mrs Hart, sick nurse
41 Miss Stewart, provision dealer
42 James Coutts, grocer
63 Bon-Accord Tobacco Pipe and Clay
Gordondale Road.
King's Gate.
Miss Simpson, Ivy bank
Cap. Maxwell Heron, R.N., Clyde-
Alfred Wigglesworth, Gordondale
James Thomson
Rev. W. S. Chedburn
Mrs Renny, Marchbanks
Alex. Lumsden, agent
Gordon's Court.
22 Gordon street.
Gordon's Court.
4 Schoolhill.
Gordon's Court.
88 Broad street.
Gordon's Court.
75 Queen street.
Gowan Brae.
North end of Causewayend,
Granville Place.
Cuparstone road.
2 James Reidford
3 Rev. And. Doak
4 John Henderson, builder
Granton Place.
From Claremont st. to Grove st.
Grant's Court.
38 West North street.
Grant's Court.
49 Upperkirkgate.
Gray street.
From Cuparstone road to Broomhill
A. M. Irvine com. traveller
3 James Cran
. . Mrs Lawrence
From Market buildings to Railway.
Carmelite street.
39 J. Littlejohn & Sons, tea dealers
Martin's lane.
41 George M'Lean, grocer
43 Miss Davidson, hosier
47 John Webster & Son, bakers
.. R. C. Philip, grocer
49 John Fearnside, druggist
51 A. W. Ironside, shoemaker
53 D. Waldie, hay dealer
55 George S. Michie, watchmaker
57 Charles Gordon & Son, coopers
. . James Campbell, bookseller
59 A. W. Arthur, grocer
61 James Ritchie, grocer
63 A. W. Arthur, grocer
65 George Mathieson, spirit dealer
67, 69, 71 C. Gordon & Son, coopers
73 John Robertson, broker
Rennie's vjynd.
24 William Still & Co., painters
Correction wynd.
37 Mrs G. Walker, spirit dealer
44 Robert C. Philip, grocer
46 Alex. G. Jessiman, draper
50, 52, 54, J. Laing & Co., iron-
64 John Adams, grocer
66 James Ferrier, fruiterer
. . John Gibb, market officer
. . James Macdonald, clothier
68 Alex. Gray, fruiterer
70 Ralph W. Hay, draper

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