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M'Mahon, John, 9 Union row
Penny, J., Donald's court
Reid, Wm., 3 Summer street
Thomson, Wm., 115 Union st. &
259 George street
Wilson, G. W. & Co. (to the
Queen), 25 Crown street and
St. S within street
Physicians and Surgeons.
Beveridge, Robert, 36 King st.
Booth, James, 231 Union street
Booth, J. M'K„ 231 Union st.
Brander, James, 84 King street
Burr, James, 57 Schoolhill
Cameron, William (R.N.), More-
field, Stocket
Connon, T. S., 7 Crown street
Cromhie, Charles, 10 Union ter.
Davidson, A. D., 224 Union st.
Emslie, Joseph L., 37 Jack's brae
Farquhar, T., 16 Rubislaw ter.
Forsyth, J. H., 6 Frederick st.
Fraser, Angus, 232 Union street
Fraser, Wm., 31 Union terrace
Garden, R. J., 15 Golden square
Gilchrist, Alfred, 168 Skene st.
Hall, J. G., 189 Union street
Jackson, Henry, 19 Golden sq.
Jamieson, Robert, Royal Lunatic
Asylum, Elmhill House
Johnston, David, 4 Castle terrace
M 'Robbie, J. S., 160 Gallowgate
Macdonald, Jas. , 26 Carden place
MacGregor, Alex., 256 Union st.
Macquibban, C. M., 248 Union
Marshall, Jas., 6 Rubislaw place
Moir, F. M., 143 Union street
Moir, James, 36 Union place
Morison, G., 24 Albyn place
Ogston, Alex., 252 Union street
Ogston, Francis, 13 Albyn ter.
Ogston, Frank, 156 Union st.
Paterson, John, 53 Carden place
Pirrie, J. M. Gordon, 253 Union
Pirrie, Wm., 253 Union street
Proctor, A. F., 230 Union street
Rattray, Robt., 6 Carden terrace
Eeid, Wm., Roy. Lunatic Asylum
Reid, Wm., 181 Crown street
Reith, Alex., 15 Skene ter. and
288 George street
Reith, Arch., 39 Union place
Robertson, John, 57 Castle street
Rodger, Jas. , 1 Golden square
Russel, Peter, 1 Roslin terrace
Ruxton, James Ferguson, 207
Union street
Ryves, W. Edgar, 22 Marischal
Sim, John, Howburn Cottage,
Holburn street
Simon, George, 21 Albert street
Simpson, John, 2 East Craibstone
Simpson, W. J., 110 Crown st.
Smith-Shand, J. W. F., 17 Albyn
Smith, P. B., 193 Union street
Stephenson, Wm., 261 Union st.
Stirling, W., 14 Albyn place
Urquhart, John, 250 Union st.
Walker, James, 214 Union street
Watt, Geo., 13 North Silver st.
Wight, John, 265 Union street
Will, Jatnes, 11 King street
Will, J. C. O., 12 Union terrace
AVilliamson, W. H., 15 Union
Willock, R. C, 4 Golden square
Wood, John, 20 Bon-Accord st.
Wyness, J. D., 53 Schoolhill
Pianoforte Makers and
Logan & Co. , 2 A Union place
Macbeath, James, 164 Union st.
Mackay, G. S., 6 Guild street
Marr & Co., 218 Union street
Marr, J., jun., & Co., 5 St.
Catherine's wynd
Selby, Wood, & Co., 191 Union
Pipe-Top Manufacturers.
Booth, Alex., 1 Cross street
Sutherland, Miss L, 5 Canal pi.

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