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Tytler, Miss, 39 Mount street
UNION Bank of Scotland, Limited, 53 Castle street
Union Bank of Scotland, Lim., West-End Branch, 203 Union
street ; William Yeats M'Donald, agent
Union Bank of Scotland, Limited, George Street Branch, 1 1 3
George street ; John Sharp, agent
Union Loan and Savings Company of Toronto, agent, George
Allan, advocate, 66 Castle street
United States Consular Agent, John Bamsay, 74 Union street
University Association, Aberdeen ; Alexander Yeats, advocate,
89 Union street, secretary
University Buildings, Broad street
Urquhart, Alex., grocer, 68 St. Nicholas street, h 30 Bosemount
Urquhart, Alex., carter, 5 North Constitution street
Urquhart, Charles, gardener, Woodhill
Urquhart, Daniel, blacksmith and horse shoer, 27 St. Clair
Urquhart, G. R., merchant, 23, A 21 Jasmine terrace
Urquhart, J. & J., druggists, 65 St. Nicholas street ; John
Gordon, manager, 3 Gray's Buildings, Bosemount
Urquhart, James, late shipmaster, 3 St. Clement street
Urquhart, John, M.D., L.R.C.S.E., 250 Union street
Urquhart, R. C, letter carrier (P.O), 138 Wellington road
Urquhart, Wm., shipmaster, 5 Erskine street
Urquhart, Win., of W. Urquhart & Co., contractors, 95 Bon-
Accord street
Urquhart, Mrs James, 46 King street
Urquhart, Mrs, Eden Cottage, Countess wells road
Urquhart, Miss, 37 Victoria street
Urquhart, Miss, grocer, 1 Gordon street
Urquhart, Miss, 35 Dee street
Valentine, Alex., spirit dealer, 1, h 1^ Well of Spa
Valentine, James, registrar for the Parish of Old Machar ;
office and h 11 North Silv.er street
Valentine, James, jun., depute-to wn clerk, Town House
Valentine, James, joiner, 17 Richmond street
Valentine, Wm., tailor and clothier,
Union terrace
Valentine, Miss, grocer, 13 Huntly street
Van Stavern, Mrs, Iiunore Cottage, 5 Mount place
Vass, James, upholsterer (Pratt & Keith), 6 Holburn street
Veitch, John, manager (J. Ford), 136 Union street, h Richmond
Cottage, Holburn place

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