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Stuart, Wm., late road surveyor, 96 North Broadford
Stuart, Wm., plasterer, King street, A 31 St. Clair street
Stuart, Mrs Charles, 4 Alford place
Stuart, Mrs C, lodgings, 18 Craigie street
Stuart, Mrs, lodgings, 10 St. Mary's place
Stuart, Mrs M., Albert Hotel, 9^ Correction wynd
Stucky, A. W., teacher of modern languages, 13 Crown ter.
Sturrock, Robert, engineer, 4 Rose street
Summerfield, E. (Postal Telegraphs), 118 North Broadford
Summers, J., M.D., inspector general, army hospitals, 163
King street
Summers, Mrs, sick nurse, 3 Hanover street
Suther, Right Rev. Bishop Thomas G., D.C.L., Bishop of
Aberdeen and Orkney, 62 Carden place
Sutherland & Co., Aberdeen Flour Mills, Cotton street
Sutherland, A., broker, 31 East North street
Sutherland, A., 28 Wellington place
Sutherland, A. (of Sutherland & Co.), Heath Cottage, 11
Ashley place
Sutherland, Alex. S., stock and share broker, 29 Union street,
h 2 Rotunda place
Sutherland, Francis, grocer, 4, h 2 Hill street
Sutherland, G. A., cashier (Cochran & Anderson), 26 Holburn
Sutherland, Henry, messenger (N. Ass. Co.), 4 Bridge street
Sutherland, Hugh, painter, 2 Rotunda place
Sutherland, J. & J., joiners and hand-rail makers, 10 Little
Chapel street, h 29 Whitehouse street
Sutherland, James, house steward, Boys and Girls Hospital,
King street
Sutherland, James (of John Hall & Co.), 4 Bon- Accord
Sutherland, John, druggist, 14 St. Nicholas street
Sutherland, John S., cashier (Mitchell & Muil), 20 Watson
Sutherland, John, solicitor (Edmonds & Macqueen) 7 Crown
Sutherland, Robert, carver and gilder, and artists' colourman,
122 George street, h 30 Thomson street
Sutherland, Wm., 22 Ferryhill place
Sutherland, Wm., grocer and spirit dealer, 82 Gallowgate, h
Erskine street
Sutherland, Wm., hardware and fancy merchant, 43 St. Nicho-
las street, h 13 View terrace
Sutherland, Wm., carpenter, 19 Bon-Accord street
Sutherland, Wm., writer, County Buildings, h 19 Bon- Accord

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