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Smith, Mrs C, 21 Crown street
Smith, Mrs C, 49 Victoria street
Smith, Mrs Farquharson, 163 Crown street
Smith, Mrs Gr., confectioner, 133 King street
Smith, Mrs George, news-agent, 25 Skene street
Smith, Mrs L., 17 Union place
Smith, Mrs John, 10 Ferryhill place
Smith, Mrs John, 22 Osborne place
Smith, Mrs John, lodgings, 11 View terrace
Smith, Mrs John, 8 Mount street
Smith, Mrs John, 160 Crown street
Smith, Mrs, grocer, 9 Bon-Accord lane
Smith, Mrs Win, 5 Black's Buildings
Smith, Mrs Wm., 34 Loanhead terrace
Smith, Mrs, Bosebank, Hard gate
Smith Mrs, 40 Loanhead terrace
Smith, Mrs, 1 3 Boslin terrace
Smith, Mrs, grocer, 9 St. Andrew street
Smith, Mrs, lodgings, 75 Park street
Smith, Mrs, sicknurse, 2 Calton terrace
Smith, Miss, 31 North Albert street
Smith, Miss, 9 Belmont street
Smith, Miss, lodgings, 31 Charlotte street
Smith, Miss (late of Birse), 34 Victoria street
Smith, Miss, 30 North Albert street
Smith, Miss, 49 Bon- Accord street
Smith, Miss, draper, 32 Chapel street
Smith, Miss, 28 Thistle street
Smith, Miss, 41 Mount street
Smith, Miss, 88 Powis place
Smith, Miss, dressmaker, 166 Union street
Smith, Miss J., milliner and dressmaker, 6 Jopp's Lane
Smith, Miss, confectioner, 37 Basement floor, Market, h 34 St.
Nicholas street
Smith, Miss Bachel, Springbank, Dee place
Smith, Miss, 3 Dee place
Smith, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 2 South Silver st.
Smith, Misses, Berlin wool repository, 13 Union place, A 71
Chapel street
Smyth, John F., draper (of John Boss & Co), 100 Chapel st.
Smollet, Mrs A., lodgings, 26 Dee street
Soup Kitchen, 41 Loch street
Souper, Charles, 11 Ferryhill terrace
Souper, Hugh Ross (of E. Chad wick & Co.), 10 Beechgrove ter.
Soutar, James (A. Cruickshank & Co.), 12 Margaret street
Souter & Shepherd, wholesale druggists and drysalters, 74, 76,
and 78 College street

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