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Peterkin, Wm. T. letter carrier (P.O.), 9 Nelson street
Peters & Co., moulding manufacturers, 4 Rose street
Peters, Wm., boot and shoemaker, 28 Union street, and 50
St. Nicholas street ; factory, Crimon place ; h 53 Spring-
bank terrace
Petrie, James P., & Sons, jobbing gardeners, 153 Hardgate
Petrie, James, relieving clerk (Cal. Rj.), 2 South Crown st.
Petrie, James, sen., stonecutter, 2 Bon-Accord terrace
Petrie, James & Co., granite merchants and polishing works,
Clayhills Monumental Granite Works, 50, 52 Welling-
ton road. See Advertisement.
Petrie, James, jun. (of J. Petrie & Co.), 162 Crown street
Petrie, John, mason, 71 Rosemount place
Petrie, Robert A., house carpenter, 7 Ferryhill terrace
Petrie, Robert, engine driver (Cal. Ry.), 21 Bank street
Petrie, Mrs. Alex., grocer and spirit dealer, 4 Mealmarket street,
h 36 Frederick street
Petrie, Mrs, fish dealer, basement floor, market, h 69 Shiprow
Philip & Cooper, wholesale clothiers, 32 Union street
Philip, Alex., dyer and cleaner, 3 North Broadford
Philip, Archibald, manager (G. Leslie & Co.), 2 St Clement
Philip, George, joiner and house agent, 256 George street
Philip, James, shoreporter, National Bank court, 42 Castle st.
Philip, James L., commission agent and corn factor, 19
Marischal street, h 82 Queen street
Philip, James M., 28 Wellington place
Philip, James, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 67, h 65 East
North street
Philip, James, grocer and spirit merchant, 1 and 3 Ashley
place, h Bon-Accord House, Bridge of Dee
Philip, John Rev. (F. C, Fordoun), 9 Mount street
Philip, John, grocer, Bridge of Dee
Philip, John, wholesale and family grocer, 196 Gallowgate, h
Philip, Patrick, clerk (Broadford Works), Mile-end, Stocket
Philip, Richard, tailor and clothier, 18 Adelphi
Philip, Robert C., grocer and wine merchant, 44, h 47 Green
Philip, William, jun. (of Philip & Cooper), 2 Strawberry bank
Philip, Wm., shipmaster, Harlaw cottage, 48 Ashley place
Philip, Wm., late farmer, 15 Holburn road
Philip, Miss, 3 Alford place
Philip, Miss C. L., 5 Canal street
Philips, George, commercial traveller (Anderson & Thomson),
22 Victoria street
Philips, James A., teacher (Northfield Public School), 6 Cherry

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