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Findlay, Wm,, late merchant, 2 a Albyn place
Findlay, William, foreman boilermaker (H. E. & Co.), 29 Cot-
ton street
Findlay, Mrs, sick nurse, 25 Eose street
Findlay, Mrs, 26 Mary well street
Findlay, Mrs G., 4 Mount street west
Findlay, Miss, dressmaker, 19 Chapel street
Findlay, Miss Ann, lodgings, 18 Craigie street
Findlay, Miss, 60 Ashley place
Findlay son, Alex., writer, 34 St. Nicholas St., h 36 Loanhead ter.
Findlayson, Miss, 42 Marischal street
Finlayson, James, tailor and clothier, 6 Huntly street
Finlayson, Eobert B., clerk (Town Council, Gas dept.)
Finnic, Peter, bookseller, 3 Jopp's lane
Finnie, Mrs, 27 Victoria street
Fire Engine Station, 125 \ George street
Do. do. 101 Chapel street
Do. do. 86 Waterloo quay
Do. do. 92 Causewayend
Firth, Joseph C, watchmaker, jeweller, and optician, 29 St.
Nicholas street, h 123 J Union street
Fish Market, Upper quay
Fisher & Ironside, wine merchants, 38 St. Paul street
Fisher, John (of F. & I.), Hilton Villa, Woodside
Fitzpatrick, Eev. H., B.D. (Free Greyfriars), 42 Skene terrace
Fitzpatrick, John, spirit dealer, 8 Littlejohn street
Fitzpatrick, John, jum, cork manufacturer, 24 St. Paul street,
h 8 Littlejohn street
Flann, Mrs, 36 Union terrace
Flaxington, B. & Co., drapers, 58 George street
Flaxington, Ben. (of B. F. & Co.), 146^ George street
Fleming, J. & J., hardware merchants, 24 Broad street, ft 17
Bon- Accord terrace
Fleming, James D., clerk (stamps and taxes, Inland Eevenue),
A 2 South Crown street
Fleming, John, merchant and shipowner, 48 Market street, h
South Seafield, Cuparstone road
Fleming, John, wood merchant, Eegent road
Fleming, Mrs J. G., South Seafield, Cuparstone road
Fleming, Mrs John, 81 Crown street
Fletcher, Alex., fish curer, Clayhills
Fletcher, Win., currier and leather merchant, 55 Princes street,
h 23 Constitution street
Flett, Alexander, baker, 7, h 9 Dee street
Flett, John, baker, 142, h 140 George street
Flockhart, John C. (of W. Black & Co.), Devanha Brewery, h
Devanha Cottage, Ferryhill

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