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Falconer, George, advocate, 140 Union st., h 24 Union row
Falconer, Geo., saw-trimmer, 7 Harriet street, h Loanliead
Falconer, George, shipmaster, 8 Holburn road
Falconer, J. G., commission agent, 4 Regent quay, h 11 Erskine
Falconer, John, late farmer, Prospect House, 90 Rosemount
Falconer, Joseph, shipmaster, 38 Constitution street
Falconer, John & Co., drapers, 65 Union street
Falconer, Wm. (of J. Falconer & Co.), 20 Osborne place
Falconer, Mrs Robert, spirit dealer, 19 Hadden street
Falconer, Mrs, lodgings, 27 Castle street
Falconer, Mrs, sick nurse, 58 Castle street
Falconer, Miss, 14 Chapel street
Falconer, Misses, Belvidere House, Mile-end, Stocket road
Fantom, James, manager, Bannermill, h Bannermill Cottage,
50 Constitution street
Farquhar & Gill, colour and varnish manufacturers, glass and
oil merchants, wholesale dealers in paperhangings and
mouldings, Drum's lane, and St. Paul street
Farquhar, Arthur, W.S., 10 Forest road
Farquhar, Francis, sergt. of police, 13 Nelson street
Farquhar, Geo., hosier and woollen draper, 16, h 14 Castle st.
Farquhar, James, plumber and brassfounder, 24 Upperkirkgate,
h 71 Dee street
Farquhar, James, house carpenter, 18 Broomhill place
Farquhar, Robert, Waverley Hotel, Guild street
Farquhar, T., surgeon-major, H.M.'s Indian army, 16 Rubis-
law terrace
Farquhar, Wm., draper (of G. & F.), 18 Rose street
Farquhar, Wm. C, house carpenter and blacksmith, Hill-
Farquhar, Mrs F., lodgings, 13 Nelson street
Farquhar, Miss, 18 Carden place
Farquhar, Miss, 11 Rose street
Farquharson & Co., family grocers and wine merchants, 131
Union street
Farquharson & Co., fleshers, 37J Woolmanhill
Farquharson, Alex, (of F. & Co., fleshers), 89 Skene street
Farquharson, Charles, flesher, 65 Rosemount place, h 8 South
Mount street
Farquharson, George, house carpenter, o Harriet street, h 57
John street
Farquharson, Henry, fish curer, Pointlaw, h 75 Union street
Farquharson, James, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 36 Park
street, h 29 Constitution street

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