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Agents for Insurance Companies.
A ^rSdS l Socit^ SSU .! anCe .. an ?!- Jobn Crombie . 3 Q ueen street
Aberdeen Mutual Assurance Marine) R Connon and c 5g Marischal st<
Association )
Aberdeen Sea Insurance Company ...¥m. Reid, 36 Marischal street
a -j l i I-, j. i 'Andrew Masson, 4 Queen st., & Booth
Accidental Death -j and M < Ca i lutn< 56 Marischal street
Albion and Eagle Assurance Co -Tames Paull, 22 Belmont street
Alfred Life Assurance Association William Gordon, 5 King street
Alliance Life & Fire Assurance Office James Black, 23 King street
Argus Life Assurance Co J. Brebner, Advocates' buildings
Bank of Loudon and National Prov-j. M Crombie 3 Queen sfcreet
incial Insurance Association ...) * T
British Equitable Assurance Co J. Knight & Son, Market street
r W. C. Hunter, 15 \delphi court, John
Caledonian Insurance Co < Muill, 46 Schoolhill, & D. Johnston,
C 142£ George Street
City of Loudon Life Assurance Co. ...Johu Crombie, 3 Queen street
Colonial Life Assurance Co J. T. Renuie, 48 Marischal street
C ° U ?^ n« ° ffiCe ' aUd Providenfc l Wm. Smith, jun., 106 Union street
Life Office )
Crown Life Association Alexander Yeats. 2 Correction wynd
ro^uiifeT,,™,^^^ J James Paull, 22 Belmont street, and
Eagle Life Insurance Co - ( x Bitten. 20 Adelphi court
Economic Life Assur. Society, London D. G. Cattanach, 56 Castle street
S James Murray, 48 Schoolhill ; Adam-
son and Home, 25 Marischal st.,
and Robertson and Lumsden, 3
Union terrace
English and Scottish Law Life As- ") Davidsons &, Cooper, 7 Union terrace,
surance Co j and David C Praser, 74 Union st.
European Assurance and Annuity Co. Davidsons and Cooper, 7 Union ter.
General Life and Fi>"e Assurance Co. ..John Davidson, 3 Queen street
Globe Fire, Life, and Annuity In-} Oswald and Co., 24 Marischal street
surance ) '
Guardian Fire, Life, and Annuity ) A. Chivas, National Bank, and David
Assurance i C. Fraser, advocate, 74 Union st.
Guarantee Society, London Stronach and Duguid, 71 King street
Hercules Insurance Co Duncan and Clyne, 8 Castle street
i„ .. ™. „ .__„*,,„-- (William Smith, 1 Bon-Accord street,
Imperial Fire Assurance j aiid Wm Hnnter 14 Ade lphi court
Indisputable Life Association Co. ( D. R. Morice, 3 I Mai ischal street, and
of Scotland \ John Duncan, 7 Back wynd
T „ n -, ., , (James Paull, 22 Belmont street, and
Insurance Company of Scotland - ( Skinner and Wil50ne> 229 Union st>
Kent Mutual Fire Insurance Co W. P. Booth. 20 Marischal street
Lancashire Insurance Co Lachlan M'Kianon, jun., 241 Union st.
Leeds and Yorkshire Insurance Co. ...J. T. Willet, Inches
{ John Ferguson, 84 Union street, Geo.
Life Association of Scotland < Milne, 9 King street, and Grigor &
(, Reid, 146 Union street
IjiVe ins u°ran n ce cT^T. ^.^^ } John Sheed ' 44 Marischal street
London Union Assurance Fire Office)
James and George Collie, 38 Castle st.
and Annuities f
tut o,„„4. ■o.-„„ a «„.,-„„«« n - i David Mitchell, 12 Adelphi court, and
Manchester Fire Assurance Co [ Alexander Diack, 13 Belmont street
Marine Insurance Co Andrew Masson, 4 Queen street

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