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258 trades' and professions' directory.
Woollen Manufacturers.
Barker, A. C, 81 Loch street
Chadwick, Edmund, 84 and 86
Loch street
Cooper, H. and Co., Exchange
Cromhie, Jas. and John, Grand-
holm works
Hadden, A. and Sons, Green
Howie, Alex., 46 George street
Shirres, Leslie, and Co., 40
Mackie, David and Co., 41 St
Nicholas street
Pratt and Keith, 51 Union st.
Smith, Adam, 96 Union street
Watkins, Frederick G. H. and
Co., Canal road, Cause-
Abernethy, Wm., 89 Union st.
Cattanach, John, 68 Castle st.
Cruickshank, G. F., 75 Union
Downie, Charles G., 75 Union
Duncan, John, 7 Back wynd
Forbes, James, 75 Union street
Kyd, David, 84 King street
M'Grigor, Alex., 58 Castle st.
M 'Hardy, Wm., 2 Correction
Middleton, W., 34Marischal st.
Milne, G., 56 Castle street
James, 22 Adelphi court
Mitchell, Robert, 75 Union st.
Pope, Wm. B., 89 Union street
Robb, George (Town House)
Wm., 75 Union street
Eeid, John, 44 Schoolhill
Ross, Oliver, 75 Union street
Sheach, David, 84 Union street
Smith, Ferguson, 23 Adelphi
Spark, Benjamin, 135 King st.
Watt, Alex., 103 Union street
James, 147 Union street

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