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254 trades' and professions' directory.
Adair, Frederick, 22 Marishal
Beveridge, Robert, 127 King st.
Cameron, Win. (R.N.), 87 Bon-
accord street
Duncan, Alex., 4 Castle terrace
Fraser, Wm., 31 Union terrace
Gray, John, 27 Victoria street
Jackson, Henrv, 53 Schoolhill
Linton, A., R.N., 266 George st.
MacQuibhan, CM., 39 Consti-
tution street
Matthew, Alex. C, 39 Albyn
Moir, James, 10 and 12 Welling-
ton place
Paterson, John, 31 Bon-accord
Sim, John, 21 Holhnrn street
Smith, Robert, 58 Dee street
Stephen, Wm., 77 Dee street
Sutherland, George, 130 Union
Watt, Patrick, 2 Gallowgate
Wight, John, 1 and 3 Mount-
Wood, John, 20 Bon-aecord st.
Badenoch, Alex., 12 Union st.
Burt, Robert, 70 Queen street
Campbell, William and Co., 73
Union street
Cattanach, Charles and Co., Ex-
change court, Union st.
Chapman and Co., 18 Union st.
Cook and Davidson, 26 Market
Donald, George, 2 Broad street
Ewen, John, Concert ct., Broad
Fraser. John, 122 George street
.. .. Peter, 42 Shiprow
Wm., 37 fVtle street
Gibson, James, 50 Broad street
Gordon, Wm., 19 George street
Hay, George, 129 Skene street
Henderson, Francis, 16 Skene st.
Hogg, Wm, 237 George street
Jack, Daniel, 1 Concert court
Broad street
Jamieson, John, 42 Union street
Johnston and Laird, 88 Union st,
Joss, Charles, 91 Skene street
Keating and Co., 26 Union st.
Lawrence, Joseph, 86 John st.
Ligertwood, C, 130 George st.
Lonie, David, 77 Gallowgate
Low, James, 10 Regent quay
Lumsden, James and Co., 155
Union street
M'Bain, Donald, Market street
M' Donald, Peter, 58 Queen st.
M'Kay, Wm., Wellington road
Macdonald, John, 21 Lodge walk
Macguire, James, 49 Queen st.,
and 33 Lodge walk
Mann, George, 104 Union street
Maver, Alex., 7 S. Silver street
Meldrum, Wm., 45 Marischal st.
Middleton, P., 6 Crown street
Milne, Low, and Co., 127 Union
Mitchell, James, 29 Quay
James, 61 Queen street
Mowat, James, 8 Flourmillbrae
and 37 St Nicholas street
Murray, Isaac, Crown court, 4l£
Union street
Mustard, Robert, 145 George st.
Philip, Richard, 115 Union st.
Probit, J., 16 Netherkirkgate
Rezin, George, 4 Belmont street
Ritchie, D. and A., 40 St Nicho-
las street
Robertson, Robert, 1 Correction
Schaschke, G., 33 Marischal st.
Sinclair, George, 21 Marischal
Skene, Alex., 19 Scboolhill
Smith, Adam, 96 and 98 Union
Alex., 41 Lodge walk
Alex., 2 Castle street
Chas., 9 Skene terrace
John, 13 Union Buildings
Stott, John, 58 Castle street
Symon, Wm. & Co., 31 Union

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