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Northern Assurance Company, Wm. Chalmers, manager ;
office, 3 King street
Co-operative Co. (limited), 51 Gallowgate, 47 Com-
merce street, 135 Skene street, and 203 George
street ; bakery, 207 George street, James White,
manager ; bakery manager, Alex. Brand
Norway, Consul for, John F. "White, 107 King street
Norwich and London Accident and Casualty Insurance Asso-
ciation ; agents, Booth and M'Calluin, 56 Marischal
Fire, Life, and Annuity office ; agents, Charles Chalmers,
advocate, 147 Union street, and Booth & M'Callum,
56 Marischal street
Provident Insurance Society; agents, Booth & M'Cal-
lum, 56 Marischal street
OGG, A. & C, millinery warehouse, 33, h. 35 St Nicholas
David, basketmaker, 29, 30, and 31 Market gallery;
warehouse, 79 Loch street ; h. 43 Upperkirkgate
Henry and Co., Strathdee Distillery, Cuparstone
Wm. F„ advocate, agent for the Scottish Trade Pro-
tection Society, 15 Adelphi court, h. 118 Crown
. . .. Wm., house carpenter, 6Q Gordon street, h. 119 Chapel
Ogilvie, Alex, and Co., hatters, 32 Queen street
Alex., clerk, 35 Queen street
.. .. A. and W., cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 175 Union
street ; workshop, 5 Thistle lane, h. Mile-end,
Stocket; foreman, K. Laws, 48 Summer street
Donald (of Clova), 154 Union street
George, M.D., professor, Institutes of Medicine (Uni-
versity of Aberdeen), 29 Union place «
John, LL.D., 7 Strawberry bank
John, bookseller, stationer, and bookbinder, 47 Upper-
kirkgate, h. 10 Kingsland place
Martin S., clerk (D. McHardy and Son), 9 Skene row
Thomas and Son, hat and cap manufacturers and ware-
housemen, 17 Drum's lane
Thomas, sen., (of T. Ogilvie and Son), Happy Grove, 6
Canal street
Thomas, jun. (of T. O. and Son), 6 Rosemount terrace
Ogston, Alex., soap and candle manufacturer, 92 Loch street,
h. 9 Golden square, and Ardoe, Banchory Devenick
Francis, M.D., 18 Adelphi court
John, wright, 11 Den burn terrace
Ohmann, Mrs, 21 King street

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