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Moir, Miss, 84 Bon- Accord street
Miss J., flower and fruit modeller, 1 Martin's lane, Green
Misses, dressmakers, 40 Chapel street
Mollison, George, grocer, 2 East North street
John, baker, 1, h. 4 Wellington place
John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 26 Virginia street
John, 130 Union street
Win,, clerk (N. of S. E. L. Co.), 42 St Nicholas street
William, teacher (Mechanics' Institution), 62 Gordon
William, grocer and spirit dealer, 140 Skene street
Misses, ladies' school, 1 Marischal street
Mollyson, Charles Alexander (N. of S. B.), 6 Marine place
Moncur, Nicol, hotel and lodgings, 10 Adelphi court
Montgomery, James and Co., masons, 50 Gallowgate
Monro, James, shipmaster, (John Knox), 39 Constitution
Joseph, teacher and repairer of the accordian, &c,
music seller and stationer, 32 Woolmanhill
Mrs (late of Huntly), 61 Dee street
More, Miss, lodgings, 36 Schoolhill
Morgan, James, shipwright, 1 Church street
James, accountant (Deeside railway); office, 24 AJelphi
court, ft. 14 North Broad ford
John, shipowner, 172 Skene street west
John, provision dealer, 111 Cause wayend
..... Patrick, clerk (Richards and Co.), 11 Kingsland place
William, hairdresser, 4 Skene street, h. 296 George
Mrs, lodgings, 91 Broad street '&'
Morice, Alex., game dealer and provision merchant, 15
Chronicle lane
D. R., advocate, 34 Marischal street, h 4.6 Don street,
Old Aberdeen
, Miss, 2 Golden square
Morison and Harvey, managers, Aberdeen Lime Co., Provost
Blaikie's quay, Inches
and Leslie, corn factors and commission agents, 59
Marischal street
Alex., shipmaster, 15 Constitution street
Alex., bookseller and stationer, 28, h. 30 Marischal st.
David, merchant, Manhattan cottage, 2 Mackie place
George, M.D., surgeon (R. A. Highlanders), 24 Albyn
George, leather merchant, 37 Upperkirkgate
George, shoemaker, 10 Gordon street
George, brush manufacturer, 16 George street,* h. Frog-
hall place

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