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M'Diarmid, John, cashier (Stamps and Taxes), h. 39 Union
M'Donald, Alexander, advocate, 83 Union street, h. 17 Rose
Alexander, Field, & Co. (Aberdeen Granite Works),
Constitution street
Alexander (of A.M'D., F., & Co.), Kepplestone
Bernard, pavier and contractor, 29 Victoria street
Charles, spirit dealer, 169 Gallowgate
David, late manager (Bannermill), 8 Carden place
James (late Inland Revenue), 2 Park place
James, jun., cabinetmaker, 31 Castle street, h. 8 Gues-
James, tobacco manufacturer, 6 Union street
James, spirit dealer, 2 Schoolhill, h. 3 George street
John, confectioner, 27 Basement floor, Market, h.
1 Craigie street
John, late merchant, 12 North Broadford
Peter, furnishing tailor, 58 Queen street, h, above shop
R., foreman (T. Baird's cabinet shop), 22 Summer
Roderick, carter and feuar, 8 Charles street
T. and Co., photographic artists, 3 Langstane place
Thomas (of T. M'D. and Co.), Summer lodge, Johnston
Wm., gutta percha shoemaker, 65 Queen street
Isabella, spirit dealer, 20 West North street
Mrs Alex., Shannaburn house
Mrs, 8 Alford place
.... Mrs George, innkeeper, Ross's court, 22 Schoolhill
Miss, teacher (South parish School), 62 Skene street
Miss, dressmaker, 50 Skene terrace
Miss, stay and corset maker, 53 Queen street
M'Gee, Richard, corkcutter, 47 Guestrow, h. Jopp's court,
Broad street
M'Gillivray, John, hairdresser, 242, h. 247 George street
John, hotel keeper, 9 St Nicholas lane
Mrs, eating house, 4 Exchequer row
M'Gilvray, Rev. Walter, D.D. (Free Gilcomston Church),
1 Rubislaw place
M'Gregor and Humphrey, agricultural implement makers,
Spring garden works, Loch street
and Shand, slaters, Spa street, h. 6 Black's buildings
Alex., grocer and spirit dealer, 57 Guestrow, h. 2 Bar-
nett's close
Alexander, commercial traveller, Twin cottage, 66 Hol-
burn street

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