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Lunan, William, accountant (S.N.E.R.), Ashley place, Cupar-
stone road
Lunatic Asylum, adjoining Mary place; Robert Jamieson ,
M.D., superintendent
Lyall, David (of G. Lyall and Co.), 97 Union street
...... George and Co., silk mercers to the Queen, 99 Union
Robert, blacksmith, 19 Huxter row
R. W. (of Hay and Lyall), 12 Springbank terrace
Lyell, John, gun, fishing rod and tackle maker, 128 Union
street, h> 9 Union terrace
George, sheriff officer for the counties of Aberdeen and
Kincardine, 15 Huxter row, h. Bairnshall lane,
Lyon, Alex., cattle and hide salesman, 194§ George street, h.
80 Bon-Accord street
John, spirit dealer, 76 Waterloo quay
...... Wm., rector (West-end Academy), Meadow bank.
Mrs, pawnbroker, 35 Netherkirkgate
r Miss, white seamstress, 30 Summer street
M'ADAM, John, carter, 9 Jopp's lane
Wm., brewer (Wallace Brothers) 53 Holburn street
M' Allan, W. A. (Gallowgate Mission), 6 Broadford place
M' Arthur, Rev. George (of the Gymnasium) Eden cottage,
Mount street
M'Aulay, James, inspector of taxes, 12 King street, h. 40
Union place
M'Bain, George, baker, 62 Schoolhill, h. 7 Black's buildings
James, Duncan cottage, Leslie place
Wm., spirit dealer, 46 Green
M'Bean, Donald, furnishing tailor, Trinity Manse, Market
M'Beath, Peter, shipmaster, 20 Mary well street
Mrs, register office for engaging servants, 2 Longacre
M'Bey, Alexr. Jr., Omnibus proprietor, 25 John street
M'Callum, William, locker (Customs), 20 St Clement's street
Mrs, 6 Bon- Accord terrace
M'Combie, James Boyn, advocate (of Murray and M'Combie),
4 Albyn place
William, editor (Free Press), 9 Broadford place
M'Condach, Mrs, 1 Holburn street
M'Conachie, G. C., teacher of writing, 115 Union street, h- 2
Union place
M'Courtie, George Walker, residenter, 8 John street
M'Crindle, Mrs G., refreshment rooms, 60 Regent quay
M'Culloch, Rev. Colin (East parish) 2 Union place

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