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Ligertwood, John, advocate and sheriff clerk (of J. and R.
L.), 26 Bon- Accord terrace
Robert (of J. and R. L.), 2 Crown place
Wm., shipwright, 33 York street
Wm. L., builder, Woodbine cottage, Gowan brae
Mrs (of Logierieve), 21 Albert street
...... Mrs, sen., 2 Crown place
Mrs James, 32 Thistle street
Mrs Peter, 28 Wellington street
Lindsay, James, stoneware merchant, Clarence street, corner
of Wellington street
Robert, principal porter, goods department (S. N. E. R.
Co.), 1 Bank street
Wm., bookseller, stationer, and newspaper agent, 30
Market street and 62 Gallowgate, h. 55 Gallowgate
Mrs Dr, 2 South Silver street
Linklater, Alex., shipmaster, 27 Marywell street
Andrew, shipmaster (Pharos), 6 King street place
James, shipmaster, 28 Wellington street
Linton, Alex., surgeon, R.N., 266 George street
Little, Mrs, broker, 161 Gallowgate
Littlejohn, James, wholesale and retail tea dealer and grocer,
39 Green, h. 4 Millburn street
George G., grocer, 39 Green, h. 2 St Catherine's wynd
James, office, 4 Belmont street, h. Gordondale, Stocket
James, spirit dealer, 18 Gordon street
William, cashier (Aberdeen Town and County Bank),
60 Union street
Liverpool and London Fire and Life Insurance Company ;
John Sheed, agent, 44 Marischal street
Livingston, John, fish dealer, Basement floor, Market, h. 19
Carmelite street
Peter, Jasmine terrace
Mrs Dr, 85 Crown street
Mrs, spirit dealer, 80 Loch street
Lizars, A. Jardine, M.D., late professor of Anatomy (Univer-
sity of Aberdeen), Arnlee, Cults
Lloyds' Agent, James Aiken, jun., 57 Marischal street
Surveyor, Wm. Wallis, 13 Regent quay
Lockhart and Salmond, restaurateurs and confectioners, 123
Union street
and Salmond, confectioners, lemonade and soda water
manufacturers, 2 Little Belmont street
James (of Lockhart and Salmond), 19 Back wynd
N. and Sons, linen and sack manufacturers (Kirkcaldy)
41 Marischal street
Logan and Co., pianoforte makers and music sellers, 182
Union street, workshop, Spring garden

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