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Jamieson, Peter, harness composition manufacturer, 20 St
Nicholas lane, h. 9 South College street
Robert, M.D., physician, Royal Lunatic Asylum, h.
Elmhill, Asylum grounds
Thomas, wright and funeral undertaker, 11 Carmelite
Mrs, midwife and sick nurse, 15 St Nicholas street
Jamson, Mrs Captain, lodgings, 36 Union street
Miss, matron, Gordon's Hospital
Jarvis, James, hosier, 3 Jopp's lane, h. 6 Rosemount place
Miss A. F., School of Industry, 61 Guestrow
Jazdowski, John, teacher and linguist, 120 Crown street
Jenkins, Wm., inspector of buildings, 30 Summer street
Jessiemau, Miss, lodgings, 43 Chapel street
Johnston and Laird, tailors and clothiers, 88 Union street
Alex., builder, 34 Thistle street
Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 86, h. 88 Upper
David, agent for the City of Glasgow Friendly Society,
142^ George street
George, inspector of patrol (Customs), 7 Crimon place
James, meal and barley miller, Leggart mills, Bridge of
Dee, h. Leggart cottage. Bridge of Dee
John (George Reid and Son), 41£ Union street
John H., embroidery designer and printer, 17 Crown
street, h. 60 Holburn street
John, out-door officer (H.M. Customs), Rosebank
John, grocer and spirit dealer, 17 Justice street
Peter, beadle (Holburn Church), Exchange street
Robert, 3 Golden square
William (of Johnston and Laird), 1 Netherkirkgate
Mrs, lodgings, 3 Henderson's court, 91 Gallowgate
Mrs Alex., broker, 66 Shiprow
Miss, 11 Rosemount place
Miss, dressmaker, 239 George street
Johnstone, James (Pickford and Co.), 8 Schoolhill
Jolly, George, janitor, Grammar school
Isaac, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 1 14 George street,
h. 35 Charlotte street
"William, printer (Journal Office), 18 Mary well street
Misses, dressmakers, 136 George street
Jones, James, R., teacher (Board of Trade Navigation School),
8 James street
Jopp and Shand, advocates, Jopp's court, 31 Gallowgate
Alexander (of Jopp and Shand), Woodhill
Andrew, advocate, distributor of stamps and collector
of taxes for Aberdeenshire, Victoria court, 54
Castle street, h. 220 Union street

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