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Howie, Mrs, lodgings, 146£ George street
Howling, Thomas, shipmaster, 78 Waterloo quay
Mrs, lodgings, 28 Wellington street
Miss, teacher (Free St. Clement's School),|28 Welling-
ton street
Hughes, George, ship and ornamental carver, 15, h. 13 York
Robert, engraver and lithographic printer, 30, h. 28
Broad street
Humphrey, John (of Comalegy), 5 Mackie place
John, accountants' office (S.N.E.R.), h. Union glen
John, foreman shipbuilder (John Smith), Deemouth,
South College street
Mrs, Union glen, Justice mills
Hunter, James, chemist and druggist (late Grant and Donald),
141 Union street, h. 60 Bon- Accord street
James (of Robertson and Hunter), 2 Rose acre, Spittal
Rev. John, 66 Hutcheon street
John, carter, 62 Skene street
Leslie, superintendent, Waterloo station (G.N. of S.R),
61 Park street
Robert "W., musician, teacher and dealer in musical in-
struments, 16 Huxter row
.. .. William, advocate, 14 Adelphi court, h. 36 Albyn
William Chambers, advocate, 15 Adelphi court
William, grocer and spirit dealer, 63 Huntly street ..
William, grocer and spirit dealer, 33 Park street, h. 19
Constitution street
"William, 11 Union buildings
Mrs, coffee rooms, 63 New Market, h. 88 Green
Mrs, 48 Constitution street
Misses, 30 North Broadford
Hurra} 1 ", Andrew, shipmaster, 16 Mary well street
Hutcheon, Alexander, clerk (J. Abernethy and Co.), 11 Hol-
burn place
Alex., quartermaster, R. A. H. (late 72d Foot), 185
King street
Andrew, heedle maker, 20 Forbes street
George, butcher, 57 Commerce street
Gordon, spirit dealer, 41 East north street
John, upholsterer and cabinetmaker, 44 Union street,
and 41 Netherkirkgate, h. Springbank cottage,
...... J. and J., fieshers, 48 Market Hall, h. Carlogie, Skene
William, 23 Commerce street
Mrs, 69 Bon- Accord street

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