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Heriot, James M., shipmaster, 19 York street
Hewson, Rev. John M. (Baptist), 65 Dee street
Hickton, Wm. (Inland Revenue), 46 Holburn street
Hill, Isaac, teacher, seminary and h. 19 Queen street
Hislop, William, 1 Springbank place
Misses, 1 Spriogbank place
Hobrow, Mrs William, confectioner, 218 Gallowgate
Hodge, James and Co., cutlers and surgical instrument and
bandage makers, 18 Broad street
James (of J. Hodge and Co.), 10 Constitution street
Thomas (Inland Revenue), 114 King street
Hodson, Benjamin, woodbuyer, 1 King street place
Hogarth and Co., merchants, 82 College street
Alexander P. (of D. Hogarth and Co.), 267 Union street
Dickson and Co., preserved provision merchants, &c, 82
College street
Hugh, merchant, 87 Crown street
.. ... William (of Hogarth and Co.), Fintray House
Mrs Thomas, Elmfield
Hogg, George, wright, East Twin cottage, 64 Holburn street
George, engineer and millwright, 7| Carmelite street,
h. 2 Trinity quay
Robert, fish and provision dealer, 93 Gallowgate
W. and A., wrights, 1\, h. 9 Carmelite street
William, tailor, 237 George street
Mrs, 34 Union terrace
Holland, Frederic, manufacturer (Richards & Co.), 15 Golden
Holman, Henry, photographer, Market street
Holmes, Alexander, messenger (Adam and Anderson), 75
Union street
John (J. Mess), 10 Canal street
William, overseer (Hogarth and Co.), 87 College street
William, jun., clerk (Hogarth and Co.), 6 Wellington
Hood, John, gatekeeper, Footdee iron works
Walter and Co., shipbuilders, Footdee
Miss, 8 Canal terrace
Home, R. B. (of Adamson and Home), Carden place
Mrs J., 166 Skene street west
Hossack, Archibald, fruit merchant, 46 Union street, h. 15
North Silver street
John, fruit merchant, 233 Union street, fa 28 Thistle st.
Houston, R. S., engraver, 6 Queen street, h. 1 Millburn street
Howey, Thomas and Co., railway agents, 6 King street
Howie, Alexander, manufacturer, 46 George street, h. West-
field Cottage, Albert street north
Mrs Wm., spirit dealer, 1 Adelphi lane

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