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Henderson, Alex-, bookbinder and stationer, 2 Broad street,
h. second floor
David, fishing tackle maker, 39 Castle street
Francis, furnishing tailor, 46 Skene street, h. 11 Henry-
James, architect (agent for the Duke of Devonshire's
Slate quarries, Burlington), 24 Belmont street
.,.—. James, shipmaster, 85 College street
John Sharp, advocate, 58 Castle street, h. 1 Rotunda
place, Ferryhill
John, ornithologist, and preserver of animals and birds,
&c, Millbank terrace, North Broadford
John (of T. and H.), 6 Constitution street
John (J. Williamson), 15 Huntly street
John, builder, 5 Summer street
Rev. Joseph (Greyfriars parish), 17 Victoria street west
Robert, plasterer, 8 Shuttle street, h. 4 John street
William and Son, architects and builders, 6Q Loch street
Wm. (of W. Henderson and Son), 1 Carden place
Wm. L. (of W. Henderson and Son), 21 Albert street
Wm., M.D., 49 Schoolhill
...... Wm. jun., clerk (Stamps and Taxes) Castle street,
h. 3 St. Mary's place
Wm. (of George Thompson, jun., and Co.), Devanha
Wm., jun. (Barry, Henry, and Co.), 28 Skene terrace
Wm., clerk, stationery department (S. N. E. R. Co.), 5
South College street
Wm., hatter, 24 Union street, h. 54 Regent quay
Wm., sexton (St. Nicholas churchyard), 7 Donald's
Mrs John, 23 Bon-Accord street
Mrs Wm., 3 St Mary's place
Mrs W. F., 23 Justice Mill lane, Strawberrybank
Mrs, lodgings, 17 Seamount place
Hendry, James, beadle (Melville Church), 19 Queen street
John, sheriff officer, 7 Huxter row
Wm., book keeper (Aiken, Catto, and Co.), 5 Balmoral
Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 7 Thistle street
Henry, George, merchant (Hugh Gordon & Co.), 17 Rubislaw
Hepburn, Rev. John W. (St. Clement's Parish), 125 Crown
Herald Office, 1 Queen street
Herculus Insurance Co. ; agents, Duncan & Clyne, advocates,
8 Castle street

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