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Gutta Percha boot and shoe warehouse (Glasgow), 39 Broad
HACKET, John, skinner, works and h. Upper Leadside
Hadden, Alex, and Sons, woollen and carpet manufacturers
and worsted spinners, Green
James Farquhar, manufacturer (A. Hadden & Sons),
Union grove
James, baker, 129, h. 127 Crown street
Haigh, James 0., manager (A. Hadden and Sons), 147 Crown
Halcrow, Miss, milliner, 126 George street
Hale, Wm. F. S., artist' (Photographic Studio), 17 Marischal
Hall, Alex, and Co., shipbuilders, York street, Footdee
Alex., sworn timber salesman, 45 Wellington street
Henry, wool and rag merchant, 42 Woolmanhill, h. 2
Rosemount place
James, shipbuilder (of A. Hall and Co.), h. Waterside,
James, flesher, 110 Gallowgate, h. 13 Spittal
John, wholesale warehouseman, 43 Broad street, and 39
Guestrow, h. 90 King street
Kobert, inland revenue officer, Millburn cottage, Mill-
burn street
Russel, & Co., Aberdeen Iron Works, York place
William (of A. Hall and Co.), 46 York street, Footdee
and Ruthven cottage, Ruthrieston
Mrs H., 11 Union place
Elizabeth, dress and bonnet maker, 45 Wellington st.
Hamburg, Consul for ; John F. White, 107 King street
Hamilton, John, cutler, 17, h. 311 George street
Hampton, William, cabinetmaker, 84 Chapel Street
Handyside and Co., boot and shoe warehouse, 3 Broad street ;
Peter Webster, salesman, h. 11 Union buildings
Hannan, Mrs, keeper (Trades' Hall) 153 Union street
Hanoverian Royal Consul, John F. White, 107 King street
Hardie, James, general blacksmith and machine maker, Hill-
downtree, Banchory-Devenick
Robert, manager for Copestake, Moore, Cramp ton, and
Co., 40£ Union street
Wm., spirit dealer, 27 Loch street
Hardy, James, watch and clock maker, 41 Union street, h. 17
Huxter row
Harper and Co., iron gate and fence makers, general wire
workers and contractors, 82 Union street; works,
10, 12, and 14 Mealmarket street
Alex., grocer and spirit dealer, 57, h. 55 Virginia street

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