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Diack, William, grocer, 23, h. 21 Woolmanhill
William, grocer, 16 Park street, h. 2 Castle terrace
William, hardware merchant, 47 Broad street, h. Mount
Mrs, 14 Bank street
Dick, James, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 6 Union place,
h. 57 Victoria street west
Mrs W., 56 St Clement street
Dickie, Rev. Andrew (United Presbyterian Church, St Paul
street), 6 Mackie place
Andrew (Richards and Co.), 4 Hanover street
Charles, general and furnishing ironmonger, 8 King
street, h 4 Hanover street
George, professor of Botany (University of Aberdeen),
George (Simpson and White) 91 Wales street
Dispensary, General, 36 Upperkirkgate
Diverty, Mrs, lodgings, 60 Schoolhill
Don, William, mill overseer (Richards and Co.), 73 Catherine
1 street
Donald, Alexander, wood merchant, Inches, h. 19 Skene
Alexander, stoneware merchant, 9, h. 28 Shiprow
Charles, clerk (S.N.E.R.), 27 Mary well street
David, commercial traveller, 9 Bon-Accord lane
George painter, glazier, and paper hanger, 17 and 19
Netherkirkgate, h. 15 Victoria street west
George, furnishing tailor, 2 Broad street
James, 1 St Mary's place
John, timber merchant, Inches, h. Boatley, Fetternear
Peter, draper, 35 Broad street
Peter, engineer, 4 Bank street
Wra., agent and spirit dealer, 15 Marischal street, h. 42
Castle street
Wra., vintner, Cuparstone buildings
Wrn., principal beadle (Free South Church), and funeral
waiter, 36 Union teirace
Wra., painter and glazier, 17 and 19 Netherkirkgate, h.
Jasmine terrace
Mrs A. G., Bexhill cottage, Holburn place
Mrs, 25 Upperkirkgate
Miss, 10 Chapel street
Donaldson, Alexander, clerk (Aberdeen Rope and Sail Co.)
3 St Clement's place
Arthur, flesher, 88 Spring garden, h. 20 North Broad-
George, builder and licensed appraiser, Summerfield
cottage, 75 Park street

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