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Peterkin, Miss, 18 Whitehouse St.
Kennie, Miss, 16 Back wynd
Riddel, Miss M., 25 College st.
Robertson, Miss, 217 Union st.
Miss, 35 George street
Ross, Miss, 80 George street
Roy, Miss, 25 Langstane place
Sherman, Miss, 39 Summer st.
Smith, Misses, 2 South Silver st.
Misses, 49 Bon-accord st.
Misses, 32 Union terrace
Miss M., 95 West North st.
Miss, 17 Denburn terrace
Stewart, Miss E., 2 Chapel street
Strachan, Misses, 1 1 Constitution
Miss, 44 George street
Stuart, Miss, 62 George street
Symon, Miss, 106 George street
Tait, Miss, 47 Loch street
Taylor, Miss, 20 Harriet street
Misses, 130 Chapel street
Thomson, Miss, 45 Park street
Troup, Miss, 8 Mealmarket st.
Urquhait, Miss, 39 Union ter.
Vigrow, Miss, 86 George st.
Walker, Mrs. J. A., 18 Skene st.
Misses, 33J Upperkirkgate
Warren, Miss, 5 Union wynd
Watson, Miss, 294 George st.
Watt, Miss, 22 Marischal st.
Wilson, Misses, 12 Spa street
Winchester, Misses, 17 Queen st.
Abernethy, James & Co., Ferry-
Blaikie Brothers, Footdee
Glerard & Macintosh, 30 John st.
Thomson, Hall, Catto, and Co.,
York place
Those marked * are also Seedsmen.
*Cardno & Darling, 76 Union st.
Chalmers, Wm., Seafleld, Cupar-
Cocker, James, Sunnypark
Milne, Thomas, sen., Sunnyside
Thomas, jun. f Rubislaw
* Morrison, Brothers, 15 Market
MalcomsomForbesfield Cu-
*Reid, Benjamin and Co., 132
Union street
Roy & Belcher, South Ferryhill,
and West North street
*Roy, John, 48 Union street
*Smith, Wm., 53 St Nicholas st,
Berry, James & Son, 88 Union st.
Duncan, John, 4 St Nicholas st.
Hay & Lyall (to the Queen), 2
Market street
Smith & Ramage, 45 Quay
Organ Builder.
Wishart, Joseph, 24 Young st.
Painters, Glaziers, and
Adam, John & Son, 71 Nether-
Anderson, A. & J. , 33 Queen st.
Beattie, John, 3 Marischal street
Collie, Wm., 144 George street
Coutts, Wm., 223 Union street
Dey, Wm., 32 Wellington street
Donald, George, 17 and 19 Ne-
Farquhar & Gill, 24 Upperkirk-
Henderson, Wm., 5 Dee street
Kerr & Grant, 15 Schoolhill
Mackay, James and William, 79
Queen street
Paterson, George, 9 Crown street
Rennie, Alex., 45 Upperkirkgate
Smith, Arthur, 30 Quay
Souter & Slaker, 24 Green
Stephen, Alex., 52 Netherkirk-
M., 15 Woolmanhill
Sutherland, Hugh, 5 Crown st.
Paper Rulers.
Cormack, Wm., 22 Broad street
Davidson, Wm., 15 St Nicholas

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