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Tod, William, 7 Queen Street
Turnbull, Geo., 29 Cowgate
Wallace, W., and Co. , 16 Trades
Warden, A. J,, 31 Meadowside
Watt, Thos., jur., 13 Dock Street
W T att, James, 13 Dock Street
Webster, Robt., 40 Castle Street
Webster, William, 29 Cowgate
Zoller & Norrie, 33 Meadowside
Beaumont, Mrs, 3 Dudhope
Macdonald, Mrs, Joint Stock
Orr, Mrs, 61 Scouringburn
Robertson, Mrs, 3 Dudhope
Abbot, Alex.
Adie, Mungo
Bain, George,
Baxter, John
Blyth, Charles
Brodie, James,
Butchart, W. P,
Campbell, D.
Carrie, W.
Chalmers, R. S.
Clark, D.
Coupar, J. G.
Crabb, W.
Dryden, James
Duncan, G.
Eider R. L.
Fairweather, G.
Fergusson, W.
Fettis, Charles
Finlayson, W.,
Fleming, D.
Fleming, Peter
George, D.
Greig, W.
Gieenhill, J.,
Guild, W.
Hovell, J. .
Jdovell, T.
West BeU Mill
Heathfield Works
Maxwelltown Works
Perth Road Factory
Tay Woiks
Douglas Factory
Bow Bridge Works
Park Mill
West Dudhope Mill
Dens Mills
Halket and Adams Factory
Elizabeth St. Factory
Pleasance Mill
Dens Road Power Looms
Ward St. Mill
Seafield Factory
Seafield Works
Dudhope Works
Law Mill
Anchor Mill
Constable Works
Step Row Factory
Blackness Works
South Anchor Mill
Paterson's Factory
Anchor and Douglas Mills
Cottage Power Looms
Ward Mill
Tay Works i
A. Brown, & Co.
James Paterson
John Ewan
A. Storrier & Son
Gilroy Brothers & Co.
D. & J. Thomson & Co.
J. & A. D. Grimond
James Irons
Alex. Berrie
Baxter Brothers and Co.
Halket and Adams
.T. & A. D. Grimond
Kinmond, Luke, & Co» ]
Laing and Ewan
(Ritchie and Simpson,
James Irons
D. & J. Thomson & Co.
W. Fergusson & Son
James Paterson
John Duncan and Co.
Malcolm, Ogilvie, an d Co ;
James Bell and Son
H.P. Ree and Co
A. and J. Adie
James Paterson
John Duncan and Co. 1
John Moir and Son
A. J. Bnist
Gilroy Brothers and Co.

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