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Alexander, John. Coldside
Anderson, James, Union Place
Barclay, Isaac, 241 Hilltown
Barrie, James, Coldside
Batchelor, Mrs, 91 Bucklemaker
Baxter, ^liss, Strawberry Bank
Black, Ebenezer, 152 Hawkhill
Boyack, Alex., Fairmuir
Bo^d, Peter, Fairmuir
Brown, William, 4 Westfield Place
Brown, ^William, Carolina Port
Calder, John, 1 Rosebank Road
Carrie, Mrs Robert, Fairmuir
Cathro. James, 20 Hawkhill
Craig, James, Fleuchar Craig
Doig, David, Hospital Park
Duncan, John, 32 Rosebank Street
Duncan, Thomas, Sraithtield
Fyffe, John, Fairmuir
Gow, Charles, 14 Park Lane
Hutcheson, Jane, 28 Guthrie Street
Ireland, Mrs, 7 Cotton Road
Kinnes, Wm., 20 Smithfield
Lindsay, John, Hospital Park
Low, David, Smithfield
Low, James, 221 Hawkhill
Lowden, John, 136 Hilltown
Lyall. M., Mary field
M'Douald, Alex., Coldside
MTntyre, John, Hospital Park
Rattray, J., 22 Dudhope Street
M'Laren, James,78 Princes Street
M'Leod, Mrs A., Wilkie's Lane
Millar, James, 222 Overgate
Millar, Joseph, Coldside
Milne, George, 15 Queen Street
Nieoll, James, Smithfield
Is' icoll, Robert, Coldside
Parker, Alex., 24 Small's "Wynd
Peebles, David, Balfour Street
Philip, Mungo, 15 Elizabeth Street
Ritchie, Mrs, Mary field
Robb, Thosias. Miln Bank Road
Sheriff. George, Constable Street
Sim, James, 33 Bell Street
Simpson, Mrs, Maryfield
Smith, David, Fairmuir
Smith, James, Coldside
Steele. David, 21 Mid Street
Strachan, Wm., Smithfield
Stratton, David, Coldside
Stratton, J 39 Bucklemaker Wynd
Thomson, Wm., Blackness Road
Thomson, Mrs, 34 Henderson's Wd.
Wanles, Win., 294 Perth Road.
Wann, Wm., Smithfield
Webster, Wm, Well Road
Wright, John, Hospital Park
Walsh, C. F., 31 Union Street
Watson, John, 128 Murraygate
Campbell, Walter, 10 Tay Square
Donaldson, Robert, Meadowside
Lothian, James, 15 Yeaman Shore
Mearns, George, 13 South Tay St.
Spence, Alex.Biair, 6 Shore Terrace
Thomson, R. II., 3 Thorter Row
Aimer, Ann, 77 Princes Street
Alexander, Mrs J. W., 56 Nether-
Anderson, Mrs, 7 Couper's Alley
Anderson, Miss, 66 Seagate
Ballerrio, Miss L., 14 Yeaman Shore
Barnie, Ann, 67 Bell Street
Batchellor, Miss, 39 High Street
Begg, A. and M., Thorn's Close
Bell, Miss Ann, 28 Hilltown
Bennett, Miss, 25 Scouringburn
Bertram, Mrs, 17 Crichton Street
Beveridge, Mrs, 35 Scouringburn
Brown, Alison B., West Bell St.
Brown, Jaue ; 44 Seagate

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