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Jones, Ann, 3 Murraygate
Keiller, J. & Sons, 2 Castle Street
Lamb, Thomas, 54 Reform Street
Low, John, 9 Overgate
Low, William, 124 Murray gate
M'Ewan,Mrs D., 20 Scouringburn
M'Gregor, James, 19 Princes St.
M'Hardy, John, 8 Nethergate
M'Intosh, John, 173 Hawkhill
M'Nab, James, 52 Hawkhill
M'Naughton, Wm., 22 Hawkhill
Marshall, Forbes, 99 Nethergate
Mawer, James, 157 Scouringburn
Myles, John, 195 Overgate
Ormond, Robert, 40 Murraygate
Philip, Jessie, 6 West Port
Reid, A., top of Murraygate and
Robertson, Alex., 19 Wellgate
Robertson, James, 73 Hilltown
Rob jrtson, M., 84 King Strest
Simpson, James, 242 Overgate
Smith, Wm., 18 Reform Street
Stewart, John, 104 Scouringburn
Thomson, A. ,15 Dudhope Crescent
Wighton, George, 143 Hawkhill
Wilson, David, 6 Si Andrews St.
Wilson, Wm., 91 Murraygate
Winton, James, 43 Murraygate
Young, J., 117 & 119 Nethergate
Baird, Richard, 13 Dock Street
Cameron, J. & P., 12 Shore
Carstairs, Mitchell, & Co., New
Clark, J., 63 Bucklemaker Wynd
Keith, William, Victoria Dock
M'Intosh, James, Belmont Place
M'Lauchlan, Jas., 131 Princes St.
Mitchell, J. & G., 163 Seagate
Robertson, Wm., Meadowside
Stewart, David, Candle Lane
Taylor, Robert, Fan mure Terrace,
Whitiou, Francis, S. Ward Road
Will, Adam, Ward Road
Anton, James, Greenmarket
Craik, David, 11 Hospital Park
Galloway, Jas., 44 Tindal's Wynd
Ireland. David, 26 Overgate
Jack, Wm., 24 Crescent Lane
Morris. James, 88 Overgate
Oman, George, 5 Gellatly Street
Barnie, J., King William's Dock
East side
Low & Batchelor, 33 Dock Street
Easson, J. & Son, 28 Barrack St.
Fraser. Peter, 42 Seagate
Milne & M'Nab, New Inn Entry
Yule, George, 8 Church Lane
Anderson, D., 30 Castle Street
Aynier, John, 15 Dock Street
Bogie, James, 29 Exchange St.
Brown, A. H,, Guthrie Street
Brown, Wm., 10 Reform St.
Drummond, Thos. & Co., 30 Castle
Cooper, John, 36 Cattle St.
Gordon Brothers, 28 Castle St.
Harris, James, 10 Shore Terrace
Harris, William, 10 Shore Terrace
Harrower, G. K., Castle Street
Hill, George H., Morrison's Court
Melville, John, 29 Exchange St.
Milne, John, 36 Castle Street
Mitchell, James, 29 Exchange St.
Bon aid, James, 8 Dock, Street
Thomson, S. C, 7 Shore Terrace

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