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Hunt Brothers, 76 High Street
Inrig, Alex., 131 Murraygate
Jamieson, John, 27 & 29 Reform
Keating & Co., 4 High Street
M'Mahon, Hugh, 151 Overgate
Mathewson, Wm,, 19 Union Street
Moon, Langlands. & Co., 40 Nether.
Ness, Thomas, 35 West Port
O'Farrell, Geo., & Jas., 249 Over-
Eat tray & Scott, 20 High Street
Eodger, James, 4 Church Lane
Scott, George, 72 Wellgate
Scrimgeour, Wm., 17 Greenmarket
Scrimgeour, Wm,. 49 Castle Street,
Simpson, John, 56 Wellgate
Smith, J. P., 6 High Street
Smith & Sharp, 23 Reform Street
Webster, A. & W., 12 Ann Street
Whitelaw, James, 36 Reform Street
Thomson, Wm. , 6 Reform Street
Cuthbert, Thomas, Meadowside
M'Kenzie, Lewis, Teaman Shore
M'Lauchlan, Walter, 134 Nether-
Anderson, George, Candle Lane
Balantyne, James, Hospital Park
Banks, H. F., 118 Murraygate
Baxter, A'fied, Laing Street
Calder & Lawson, 101 Hilltown
Chalmers, George, Geliatly St.
Clark, Robt., & Son, Lowden's Alle}'
Crofts, David., 1 6 West Dock St.
Donald, Wm,, 44 Hilltown
Dow, Alex., 22 Hawkhill
Duncan, P. M., 13 Dock Street
Dundee, Francis, 218 Hilltown
Eadie, Wm,, & Co,, 15 Dock Street
Fiddes, James, Geliatly Street
Getthins, M., Henderson's Wynd
Gibson, David, 33 Seagate
Gilchrist. Peter, Soap Work Lane
Ireland, David, 98 Scourirgburn
Low, C, Trades Lane & King St.
Low, John, top of Reform Street
Low, Wm., 219 Hawkhill
M'PVlane, S., D. & A. R. Station
M'Kenzie, D., 9 .Shore Terrace
Malcolm, J., 22 Crescent Lane
Mill, W m.Be.llfield Lane
Miller, John S., 16 Dock Street
Mitchell, Moutter, 5 Temple Lane
Mudie, Robert A., 8 Butcher Row
Muir, Thomas, Teaman Shore
Patrick, Andrew, 3 West Wynd
Penman, R. B. & Co., Teaman
Hollo, W., 28 Bucklemaker Wynd
Small, Robert, Teaman Court
Smith, James, 22 Rosebank Stresfc
Strachan, Charles, 200 Hilltown
Sturrock, David, 8 Fenton Street
Taylor, John 63 Tay Street
Waddel, John, 18 Fenton Street
Walker John, 2 West Dock Street
Tule, Charles, 26 Cresent Lane
(See Directory page Z2.J
Bonthron, Mrs, 34 Scouringburn
Pruce, Colin, 233 Overgate
Chapman, James, 121 Murraygate
Chapman, William, 61 Wellgate
Cleghorn, Wm., 75 Overgate
Davidson, Mrs, 5 Hawkhill
Duncan, Wm., 24 West Port
Findlay, James, 36 High Street
Forbes, James, 119 Hilltown
Frier, James. 101 Murraygate
Gorrie, Ann, 50 Princes Street
Henderson, J., 179 Scouringburn

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