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Watson, John, spirit-dealer, Seagate
Watson, John, shipmaster. Vault
Watson, John (late baker), top iMurraygate
Watson, James, draper, Highstreet ,,
Watson, James, flesher, Murraygate
Watson, James, teacher, Scouringburn
Watson, James, saddler, Murraygate
Watson, James, cutler, do.
Watson, David, mealseller, Seagate
Watsoq, David, draper, top of Murraygate
Watson, David, tobacconist and candleraaker, do. do.
Watson, David, shipmaster, Fishstreet
Watson, WiUiam, manufacturer, Perth-road
Watson, William, household weaver, Small's wynd
Watson, William, chain-cable manufacturer, Seagate
Watson, Alexander, teacher, Blinshall street
Watson, Francis, tinplate-worker, Murraygate
Watson, George, confectioner and spirit-dealer, do.
Watson, Mrs. broker, do.
Ware-house, Pubhc, south-west corner, Fishstreet
Webb, WilHam, church-beadle, Overgate
Webster, Thomas, Heathfield House, Hawkhill
Webster, Thomas, vintner, V/estport
Webster, Thomas & Co. Dundee rope-work, Hawkhill
Webster, Robert, shipmaster, Seagate
Webster, Lanceman, do. do.
Webster, James, upholsterer. Castle street
Webster, James, shipmaster, Peterstreet
Webster, James, merchant, Cowgate
Webster, George, haberdasher, Westport
Wedderspoon, Mrs. confectioner, Murraygate
Weigh-house, Public, east side of Vault
Wesley, John, shipmaster, Wellgate
West-of-Scotland Assurance Co. George Boyd, jun. agent,
West-of-England do. do. Neish & Smart, agents^
Whamond, — , grocer, Murraygate
White, William, smith. Castle court
Whitfield, William, chain-cable maker, Seagate
Whitson, Patrick, South Taystreet
Whitson, Patrick, jun. merchant, Wellgate

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